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TNW Conference Themes

From AI/ML to UI/UX design, we've got a theme for everyone.

  • Boost

    Discover the most innovative ways in which companies lead with authenticity and creativity, how they maximize their marketing ROI, and leverage tech & data to fuel customer experience.

  • Growth Quarters

    Explore all things Founders and Funding during thought-provoking sessions. Past talks examined the fundamentals of scaling a business, and how to initialize startup Davids against tech Goliaths.

  • Future Proof

    Join us as we explore the ways the tech of the future will transform society and businesses, and uncover what kind of influences lead to a resilient individual, company, industry, and society.

  • Impact

    Sustainability, diversity, and inclusive economies are current leading societal challenges. Join our experts as they discuss how technology and the tech industry can influence change for the better.

  • Neural

    Let's delve into the world of AI, and see how it will reshape the businesses and societies of the future. Previous sessions have explored quantum computing, deepfakes, and the fate of humanity.

  • Shift

    Navigate the future of multimodal mobility with leading experts in the tech industry, as they reimagine transport, and discuss what we can do to reach our 2050 carbon emissions net zero goal.

  • Sprint

    Learn how to create the latest market killer and breakout tech from the CPOS and CTOs of products you love to use and best-in-class developers and designers.

  • Tech & Money

    Take a deep dive into the world of finance, and discover the ways in which the latest tech is disrupting and transforming payment methods, currencies, financial markets, and economies.