Don't shape the future of technology.

Use technology to shape the future.

The maxim of technology has long been ‘to make the world a better place’ – and yet, the future seems more unstable than ever. 

We are at a crossroads in humanity where some of the biggest social, political and philosophical decisions of a lifetime must be made; before we stroll into an era of history where we no longer control our own fate.

These decisions will be confronted at The Assembly – an invite-only gathering taking place during TNW Conference 2017, and composed of the greatest architects of technology, global captains of industry, and the international community’s leading policy-makers.

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What to expect?


17:30 - Opening  | Constantijn van Oranje
17:40 - Talk: Nick Grossman | Data  & privacy
18:05 - Panel | Diversity & inclusivity
18:30 - Drinks
18:55 - Talk: Nate Walkingshaw | The Skill Gap 
19:15 - Panel | AI    
19:40 - Drinks    


  • Tracy Chou

    Tracy Chou

    Software Engineer and Diversity Advocate

  • Nick Grossman

    Nick Grossman

    General Manager Union Square Ventures

  • Kodi Foster

    Kodi Foster

    SVP of Data Strategy Viacom

  • Janneke Niessen

    Janneke Niessen

    Co-initiator InspiringFifty

  • Holley Murchison

    Holley Murchison

    Founder & CEO Oratory Glory

  • Rebecca Enonchong

    Rebecca Enonchong

    Founder & CEO AppsTech

  • Christoph Auer-Welsbach

    Christoph Auer-Welsbach

    Partner IBM Ventures

  • Nate Walkingshaw

    Nate Walkingshaw

    Chief Experience Officer Pluralsight

  • Corinne Vigreux

    Corinne Vigreux

    Co-founder TomTom


  • Robert Linck

    CFO Shell Technology Ventures

  • Adriana Hoppenbrouwer


  • Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

    CEO & Founder TNW

  • Coen van Oostrom

    CEO OVG Real Estate

  • Corinne Vigreux

    Co-Founder TomTom

  • Hans Pruis

    CEO Adecco

  • Harry Van Dorenmalen

    Chairman IBM Europe

  • Rob Klomps

    COO Rabobank

  • Tamás Szépvölgyi

    CEO Sanoma Mobile

  • Mattijs ten Brink

    CEO Transavia

  • Leo Brand

    CIO Vopak

  • Constantijn van Oranje

    Director StartupDelta

  • Dimitri-de Vreeze

    Managing Board Member DSM

  • Erik Hoogenhout

    CMO Van Doorne

  • Massimo Bellato

    Head of Digital CPD L'Oréal

  • Steven Clausing

    COO BinckBank

  • Geert van de Wouw

    Managing Director Shell Technology Ventures

  • Frank Thuis

    COO Allen & Overy

  • Hoshi Dastoor

    VP Technology Zalando

  • Jabine van der Meijs

    CFO Royal Schiphol Group

  • Marc Diepstraten

    Member of the Board PwC

  • Mariken Tannemaat

    CIO NN Group

  • Peter Tegelaar

    Chief Data Officer Catawiki

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