The Assembly


250 of the worlds greatest architects of technology, global captains of industry and leading international policy-makers will debate on how to shape the future in intimate co-creation sessions.

The Assembly brings together government, decision makers in technology and independent researchers to tackle the big questions when it comes to how governments and corporates should react to new technologies and developments, focusing on practical learnings and diverse opinions to shape a bright future together.

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The big six: take a look at the core themes we'll be exploring at this year's edition
  • Who rules the web

    AI, robotics, IoT, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, quantum computing, nanotechnology. Government and industry leaders will discuss how the clock is ticking when it comes to moulding the ways in which these technologies and others shape our future. 

  • Cryptocurrencies and decentralization

    Decentralised cryptocurrency and blockchain based solutions are creating challenges and opportunities for centralised institutions. The Assembly will provide a space to discuss issues such as regulation, the future of finance and Government's role in blockchain.

  • Cybersecurity and Data Regulation

    The political environment is drastically changing the landscape of data collection and cybersecurity. Speakers will discuss how to leverage regulation such as GDPR across a global network, as well as the near future of cybersecurity and its best practices.

  • Free speech and fake news

    The internet echo chamber has presented an unparalleled threat to truth and objectivity. The Assembly will explore tackling online propaganda on a local scale to safeguard elections, and how to stimulate cultural opposition to the filter bubbles of fake information.

  • Evolving our education systems

    Our education systems must start matching industry's pace of change. Here we uncover necessary skills for our children, best practices for embedding them in curriculums, and how to transform a culture from the inside out to leverage true innovation.

  • Building a personal network for change

    250 of the worlds greatest architects of technology, global captains of industry and leading international policy-makers will participate in intimate co-creation sessions, allowing you to expand your network and improve your capacity to initiate change.

What to expect?


17:00 - Walk in.

17:20 - Introduction, by Pieter Paul van Oerle (TNW) and Irine Gaasbeek (Accenture)

17:30 - Co-creation Session 1

18:45 - On stage recap

19:00 - Starter. 

19:05 - Opening Words, Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau & Roberto Viola

19:10 - Keynote GDPR by Tricia Wang. Discussion

19:50 - Main. Tech Trends by Mark Curtis. Discussion

20:30 - Fake News by Camille Francois. Discussion

20:55 - Dessert. Drinks & Discussion outside.

21:25 - End.


Here are the first names announced for The Assembly. More to come soon!

  • Cassie Kozyrkov

    Cassie Kozyrkov

    Chief Decision Scientist Google

  • Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau

    Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau

    Special Startup Envoy StartupDelta

  • Roberto Viola

    Roberto Viola

    Director General European Commission

  • Tricia Wang

    Tricia Wang

    Co-founder Sudden Compass

  • Helena Lisachuk

    Helena Lisachuk

    Director & IoT Global Lead Deloitte

  • Mark Curtis

    Mark Curtis

    Founder Fjord (by Accenture)

  • Thomas Lantzsch

    Thomas Lantzsch

    SVP, General Manager IoT Intel Corporation

  • Emily Orton

    Emily Orton

    Co-founder & CMO Darktrace

  • Clarissa Shen

    Clarissa Shen

    COO Udacity

  • Camille Francois

    Camille Francois

    Director of Research & Analysis Graphika

  • Pamela Pavliscak

    Pamela Pavliscak

    Founder Change Sciences

  • Nick Grossman

    Nick Grossman

    General Manager Union Square Ventures

  • Gordon Willoughby

    Gordon Willoughby

    CEO WeTransfer

  • David Rose

    David Rose

    Author Enchanted Objects

  • Katrina Arden

    Katrina Arden

    Attorney Blockchain Law Group

  • David Schwartz

    David Schwartz

    Chief Cryptographer Ripple

  • Cristina Tajani

    Cristina Tajani

    Deputy Mayor of Milan

  • Patricia Pastor

    Patricia Pastor

    Entrepreneurship Senior Officer Valencia City Hall

  • David Ryan Polgar

    David Ryan Polgar

    Tech Ethicist & Digital Citizenship Expert

  • Ben Cerveny

    Ben Cerveny

    Co-founder & Director The Foundation for Public Code

  • Daniel Ropers

    Daniel Ropers

    CEO Springer Nature

  • Christina Xu

    Christina Xu

    Co-founder Magpie Kingdom

  • Holley Murchison

    Holley Murchison

    Founder Oratory Glory

  • Heather Zynczak

    Heather Zynczak

    CMO Pluralsight

  • Warner Dijkhuizen

    Warner Dijkhuizen

    Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager IBM

  • Ali Niknam

    Ali Niknam

    Founder & CEO Bunq

  • Sjoerd Blum

    Sjoerd Blum

    CIO Schiphol

  • Didier Rappaport

    Didier Rappaport

    Founder & CEO Happn

  • Assier Basterretxea-Gomez

    Assier Basterretxea-Gomez

    Partner & Director

  • Niki Kauffmann-Schilling

    Niki Kauffmann-Schilling

    Director Innovations & Sustainability Rituals

  • David Wyler

    David Wyler

    Vice President Global Partnerships Tinder

  • Adriana Hoppenbrouwer

    Adriana Hoppenbrouwer

    CMO Hema

  • Erik-Jan Gelink

    Erik-Jan Gelink

    CMO Transavia

  • Katja Berkhout

    Katja Berkhout

    International Director Startup Delta

  • Ingrid Devin

    Ingrid Devin

    Director of Women’s Entrepreneur Network Dell

  • Tanja Dik

    Tanja Dik

    Director of Consumer Products & Services Royal Schiphol Group

  • Hans Bos

    Hans Bos

    National Technology Officer Microsoft

  • Dante Malcangi

    Dante Malcangi

    Chief Digital Officer IBM

  • Paulo Calçada

    Paulo Calçada

    CEO Porto Digital

  • Pieter Paul van Oerle

    Pieter Paul van Oerle

    Strategy Director TNW

  • Irine Gaasbeek

    Irine Gaasbeek

    Managing Director Accenture Nederland

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

CEO & Co-founder, TNW
Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

We are at a crossroads for humanity where some of the biggest social, political and philosophical decisions of a lifetime must be made.

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