The Venue
For the last 4 years, we've consciously chosen the Westergasfabriek to host our growing TNW Conference for many reasons. One of the most important - their sustainable redevelopment. As of this year, we took over more than 70% of venues and grounds, meaning we gladly collaborated with the Westergasfabriek for the use of their greener amenities. From the food lineup to the lighting, we utilised multiple sustainable initiatives.

The Food line up
Together with their network, The Food Line-up thinks about smarter ways to purchase and transport products and focus on more sustainable waste and residual flows.

Waste Transformator
An innovative digester that transforms food waste from all the restaurants and businesses on the site into green energy. By separating organic waste and processing it on-site, the energy flow is also reduced and CO2 emissions are much lower.

The use of Jurlights LED lighting on all stages resulted in energy savings of approximately 30%. LED lighting is energy-efficient and the lamps have a lifespan that is considerably longer than other types of lighting.

For our energy generators, we used Bio diesel models, which give out far fewer emissions than regular fuel generators.

Join the Pipe
This water point and many other spots around the grounds had free water for refilling your water bottles to greatly reduce plastic or paper cup waste.

The Terrain
Each year, TNW invests in the care and repair of the park. We pay €30.000 each year for use of the Manifestatieveld, which goes directly to stadsdeel Westerpark to maintain the security, cleanliness and condition of the grass and trees. On top of this, we also cover any damages to the grass and trees as a direct result of the event. Regrettably, for this year, the warm weather did affect the top layer of the grass more than previous editions. Considering the great weather we had during our event, we understand this was frustrating for locals. However, events like TNW Conference do help with the care and uptake of the park in the long term through financial support.

Find out more regarding our Westergasfabriek sustainability program here.

With these steps and many smaller of our own, TNW strives to keep learning and innovating in the area of sustainability. We will continue to do this within the context of our own business operations and in collaboration with our speakers and partners for all our events.

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