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Building a sustainable future, together.

Conference Social Responsibility

TNW Conference 2022 · Amsterdam

Leading the change

At TNW, we're in a unique position to inspire and influence the future leaders of the world to build sustainable businesses that operate environmentally-friendly.

By using our global reach, we share the latest innovations to reduce our carbon footprint, foster diversity, and increase environmental awareness.

In 2022, our flagship tech event will re-use some of its best-practices from our previous years, while also initiating several new projects that span our six sustainability areas.

Leveraging sustainable energy sources to power our event
Energy goals

Leveraging sustainable energy sources to power our event

Our partnership with Taets Art and Events Park and the city of Amsterdam allows us to fast-track our goals and reduce the dependency on power generators.

We’re aiming to obtain more than 75% of our energy from the grid (supplied by Essent), which is 100% sourced from wind turbines. The remaining generators will be powered by biofuels.

In addition, 90% of lighting and presentation screens will be transitioned to LED, which has a more positive impact on the environment than traditional light sources.

Creating a sustainable future
Resourcing goals

Creating a sustainable future

TNW is determined to reduce, reuse, and recycle as many elements related to the production as possible.

Our 2022 goals include building our exhibition booths with reusable materials and modular components (allowing parts to be reused in future editions), giving printed materials a second life in the form of bags and laptop sleeves, and recycling the carpeting and signage. As we are working with visual frames, we will further reduce the use of PVC, allowing us the chance to give the prints back to our partners. Our stages will be 100% rental (light, video, sound, screens, etc.).

We will also reduce the amount of single-use plastics to a minimum across our food stands, and only allow for cashless/pin-only payments on-site.

Good travel = Fossil-free travel
Mobility goals

Good travel = Fossil-free travel

To further minimize our ecological impact, we will increase our efforts to encourage our attendees to choose greener travel options.

Our speakers and visitors will be offered free travel by ferry and bus to and from the venue, and will be presented with different fossil-free transportation options for traveling within Amsterdam.

Time for a meatless menu
Food goals

Time for a meatless menu

Together with our long-term food and beverages catering partner The Food Line Up, we have committed to serving meals in line with the 'Good, Clean, and Fair' tenets of Slow Food.

All food stalls across our premises will only serve locally-sourced, vegetarian-only options. By removing meat from our catering venues, we are contributing to drastically reducing our CO2- emissions, and help save large amounts of fresh water and land.

Lastly, to ensure that our menu is not harmful for the environment, we will provide 100% biodegradable disposable tableware, minimize the usage of single-use food packaging materials, and offer bins across the terrain to collect waste, separated by glass, plastics, and biodegradable materials.

Every drop counts
Water goals

Every drop counts

TNW is determined to limit the waste of fresh water, provide access to good-quality drinking water, and process waste water in a responsible and sustainable way.

As mentioned above, our meat-free commodities contribute to decreasing our water usage. While a pound of beef can feed five people, it requires an estimated 7,000 to 9,500 liters of water to produce — whereas the equivalent amount of plant protein only requires a fraction of that total, approximately 1,600 to 2,200 liters of water.

We will also encourage our event attendees to bring their own reusable water receptacles, and will offer such on-site.

Fostering a diverse and inclusive event
Social goals

Fostering a diverse and inclusive event

At TNW, we believe that the tech industry should represent and celebrate all backgrounds, ideas, and experiences. The key to building great solutions is diversity in perspectives and insights.

Every year, we invite a wide variety of thought-leaders on stage, from representatives of leading and upcoming tech companies, to independent creators, activists, and authors. We endeavor to curate a diverse and interdisciplinary lineup of speakers who can inspire our audience to use technology as a force for good.

We also strive to build and uphold an inclusive and diverse audience. Women currently remain highly underrepresented in the STEM workforce, with a recent study showing that women hold only 26% of all tech-related roles.

We at TNW take exception to these statistics. In order to achieve equal representation in the industry, we will offer discounted tickets to all women in tech.

Last but not least, we believe that young digital talent should get the opportunity, inspiration, and education they require to progress in their careers. As such, we have been working with several companies to further advance employer branding, talent acquisition, and education.

We’ve also teamed up with universities, business schools, and Young Creators, to build an environment that provides equal access for all those in the ecosystem. With our House of Talent program, we’re aiming to help youngsters who are looking for a job in tech, and facilitate meetings between job-seekers and employers.