TNW Conference

A peoples business

Raise funds, do business, scale - you’ve heard it all before. Let’s be real, there are a number of events you could attend that would all do a decent enough job at providing those.

The one thing they can’t provide are the people attending our conference and our ability to match you to the right ones.

If you aren't just looking to raise funds, do business and scale, but are looking to do it with people that truly match your needs, then TNW Conference is where you need to be.

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Investor Matchmaking

It's a Match

Forget clumsy conference apps and scrolling through endless irellevant contacts - We are sick of those too.

In 2017 we introduced our very own matchmaking platform, solely dedicated to put you at a table with only those investors, mentors and corporates that truly match your potential. Last year our 350+ Startups booked over 3000 relevant meetings. This year you could be one of them.


Connect, Raise, Grow

Aside from being the most affordable way to be part of TNW Conference, our startup programs come with some incredible perks.

  • Exhibit — Get a one day, high quality demo booth to connect with press, investors & early-adopters
  • Conference tickets — Each program comes with 2-4 full conference passes
  • Investor matchmaking — Get matched to investors by our team and schedule 1-on-1 meetings with investors through our matchmaking platform.
  • Pitching opportunities — The chance to be selected for stage time in our custom-built, three-floor pitching arena!
  • Corporate & mentor office hours — The chance to meet with awesome corporate partners, as well as handpicked mentors
Curation is key

Quality over quantity

The level of the startups that make it into our programs is remarkably high compared to all other tech events out there. Why? Our event is focused on matchmaking, so we only select the startups that will benefit from the platform we provide. And with limited space, curating for quality over quantity becomes key.

We love startups, but TNW Conference is not for every company. We select, we curate and when we don't see a fit, we don't hesitate to say no. In case you are taking part of the conference, get in the mood and watch the aftermovie.

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Class of 2017

​A decade of startups

Since 2006, the startups that have participated in our startup programs have raised over 2 billion dollars from top-tier VC funds.

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