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Our world is changing. Technology is no longer an industry, but rather the underlying driver of change and innovation for every business everywhere. 

Since 2006, TNW Conference has brought together the ecosystem of technology agents driving business innovation. Now in 2018, we’re expanding into 18 carefully curated tracks to shape a much deeper conversation on how technologies such as blockchain and AI will directly affect industries, professions and the way we innovate. Join us and 15.000 attendees on May 24 & 25 2018.

What others say

  • CNBC

    "The most intimate technology festival on the planet."

  • BBC News

    "This was a great show, the production was fit for tech superstars."

  • Vice

    "It was both terrifyingly interesting and interestingly terrifying."


Meet and learn from the leading minds in technology

  • Camille Francois

    Camille Francois

    Principal Researcher Google Jigsaw

  • Ryan Leslie

    Ryan Leslie

    Co-founder & CEO SuperPhone

  • Cassie Kozyrkov

    Cassie Kozyrkov

    Chief Decision Scientist Google

  • Danielle Wood

    Danielle Wood

    Director Space Enabled MIT Media Lab

  • Clarissa Shen

    Clarissa Shen

    COO Udacity

  • Kevin Kelly

    Kevin Kelly

    Co-founder WIRED

  • Anjali Sud

    Anjali Sud

    CEO Vimeo

  • Mike Curtis

    Mike Curtis

    VP Engineering Airbnb

  • Alexis Ohanian

    Alexis Ohanian

    Co-founder Initialized Capital

  • Pamela Pavliscak

    Pamela Pavliscak

    Founder Change Sciences

  • Ben Hammersley

    Ben Hammersley

    Author & Futurist WIRED

  • Ray Chan

    Ray Chan

    CEO 9GAG

  • John Collison

    John Collison

    Co-founder Stripe

  • Tricia Wang

    Tricia Wang

    Co-founder Constellate Data

  • Chase Jarvis

    Chase Jarvis

    CEO CreativeLive

  • Galia Benartzi

    Galia Benartzi

    Co-founder Bancor

  • Marc Teerlink

    Marc Teerlink

    Global Vice President SAP Leonardo

  • Diana Biggs

    Diana Biggs

    Head of Digital Innovation HSBC

  • Rich Pierson

    Rich Pierson

    Co-founder & CEO Headspace

  • James Whittaker

    James Whittaker

    Distinguished Engineer Microsoft

  • Sulinna Ong

    Sulinna Ong

    VP of Artist Marketing Deezer

  • Andrew Huang

    Andrew Huang

    Music & Video Producer

  • Maykel Loomans

    Maykel Loomans

    Product Designer Facebook

  • David Rose

    David Rose

    Professor MIT

  • Jo Bertram

    Jo Bertram

    Former GM Northern Europe Uber, now EQT Ventures

  • Andrew Keen

    Andrew Keen

    Author How To Fix The Future

  • Kodi Foster

    Kodi Foster

    SVP Data Strategy Viacom

  • Chris Slowe

    Chris Slowe

    CTO & Founding Engineer Reddit

  • Richard Kelly

    Richard Kelly

    Chief Catalyst Fung Academy

  • Sashka Rothchild

    Sashka Rothchild

    Founder & CEO Stndby

  • Susan Lindner

    Susan Lindner

    Founder & CEO Emerging Media

  • Benjamin Wörner

    Benjamin Wörner

    Commercial Lead Product Partnerships Zalando

  • Iryna Ozymok

    Iryna Ozymok

    IMS Organizer Western NIS Enterprise Fund

  • Mate Galic

    Mate Galic

    CIO & President Native Instruments

  • Benji Rogers

    Benji Rogers

    Co-founder & CEO dotBlockchain Music Inc

  • Des Traynor

    Des Traynor

    Co-founder & CSO Intercom

  • Åsa Nyström

    Åsa Nyström

    Director of Advocacy Buffer

  • Henry Davis

    Henry Davis

    COO Glossier

  • Cristina Tajani

    Cristina Tajani

    Deputy Mayor of Milan

  • Adrian McDermott

    Adrian McDermott

    President of Products Zendesk

  • David Ryan Polgar

    David Ryan Polgar

    Tech Ethicist Funny as Tech

  • Ben Cerveny

    Ben Cerveny

    Co-founder & Director The Foundation for Public Code

  • Joe Leonardo

    Joe Leonardo

    Comedian Funny as Tech

  • Alex Le

    Alex Le

    Vice President of Product Reddit

  • Nicole Mills

    Nicole Mills

    Director Technology Talent Development

  • Chris Heivly

    Chris Heivly

    Entrepreneur in Residence Techstars

  • Pär Hedberg

    Pär Hedberg

    Founder & CEO STING

  • Nicholas Horbaczewski

    Nicholas Horbaczewski

    Founder & CEO The Drone Racing League

  • Marloes Pomp

    Marloes Pomp

    Program Officer Blockchain Dutch Government

  • Isidro Laso

    Isidro Laso

    Head of Startup Europe European Commission

  • Bindi Karia

    Bindi Karia

    Founder Boutique Advisory Firm

  • Axel Bard Bringéus

    Axel Bard Bringéus

    International Expansion Partner EQT Ventures

  • Christina Xu

    Christina Xu

    Co-founder Magpie Kingdom

  • Che-Wei Wang

    Che-Wei Wang

    Designer & Artist

  • Didier Rappaport

    Didier Rappaport

    CEO Happn

  • Holley Murchison

    Holley Murchison

    Founder Oratory Glory

  • Henrik Landgren

    Henrik Landgren

    Analytics Partner EQT Ventures

  • Alex Cornell

    Alex Cornell

    Product Designer Facebook

  • Alice Tomassini

    Alice Tomassini

    Documentary Film Director

  • Nick Caldwell

    Nick Caldwell

    Vice President of Engineering Reddit

  • Heather Zynczak

    Heather Zynczak

    CMO Pluralsight

  • Kipp Bodnar

    Kipp Bodnar

    CMO Hubspot

  • Ayelet Noff

    Ayelet Noff

    Founder & CEO Blonde 2.0

  • Ben White

    Ben White

    Founder VC4Africa

  • Eszter Ozsvald

    Eszter Ozsvald

    Co-founder Notch Interfaces

  • Filipe Aráujo

    Filipe Aráujo

    Deputy Mayor of Porto

  • Serge Wilmes

    Serge Wilmes

    Deputy Mayor of City of Luxembourg

  • Simone Brummelhuis

    Simone Brummelhuis

    Director TheNextWomen

  • Minouche Cramer

    Minouche Cramer

    Startup Officer City of Amsterdam

  • Bas Beekman

    Bas Beekman

    Director - Public StartupAmsterdam

  • Yuki Kho

    Yuki Kho

    Marketing Manager Homerun

  • Kary Bheemaiah

    Kary Bheemaiah

    Director of Research uChange

  • Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau

    Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau

    Special Startup Envoy StartupDelta

  • Ruben Nieuwenhuis

    Ruben Nieuwenhuis

    Director - Private StartupAmsterdam

  • Luis Cueto

    Luis Cueto

    Deputy Mayor of Madrid

  • Stan Rapp

    Stan Rapp

    Product Design Manager

  • Doron Reuter

    Doron Reuter

    Head of Biz Dev Advanced Analytics ING

  • Daniel Gebler

    Daniel Gebler

    CTO Picnic

  • Emmanuel Straschnov

    Emmanuel Straschnov

    Founder Bubble

  • Alex Maschinski

    Alex Maschinski

    Founder Celsius Network

  • Natasha Jen

    Natasha Jen

    Partner Pentagram

  • Melissa Rancourt

    Melissa Rancourt

    Academic Director The New School

18 tracks of pure inspiration

From marketing to music via marketplaces, TNW Conference 2018 has 18 tracks of content designed to cater to a huge range of different specialists.

In Good Company

We've had the pleasure of working with industry-defining brands. These are just some of them.

Six reasons. Zero excuses.

We've been at this game long enough to know how to guarantee a solid return on investment. Check it out.

  • 18 Tracks of Content

    From marketing to music via marketplaces, TNW Conference 2018 has 18 tracks of content designed to cater to a huge range of different specialists. Check them out here.

  • Roundtable Sessions & Workshops

    Small-group sessions hosted by big-time speakers. Previous roundtable hosts have included the founder of Foursquare, the CEO of Product Hunt, and the VP of Data Science at Buzzfeed.

  • Exhibition Floors & Startups

    Hundreds of startups and exhibitors come to TNW Conference each year to show your their latest products, explore opportunities and build new partnerships. Learn more about exhibiting here.

  • Side Events & Parties

    Networking drinks, industry dinners, boat rides, before- during- and after-parties + so much more. Our side events are as much a part of the fabric of TNW Conference as our two-day event itself.

  • Food Trucks & Entertainment

    Each year we invite more than 20 of Holland's best rolling kitchens and host all-day entertainment such as live music, retro arcade games and wellness sessions.

  • Matchmaking & Networking

    Last year more than 3,800 meetings were booked using our dedicated matchmaking platform and almost 100,000 messages were sent using our networking application. All in a day's work.

Nir Eyal

Author, How to build habit-forming products
Nir Eyal

If there’s one event I love returning to, it’s TNW. They never cease to surprise me with their attention to detail and their ability to make you feel part of the family. It’s a great way of connecting with friends from the industry – both old and new.

Ticket prices rise soon. Book now.

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