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Your talent recognized
Let’s celebrate you!

Your talent recognized

The past couple of years have been a crazy and different time for all of us. We’ve been asked to adjust, pivot, show up, and shelter in place… But it’s starting to look like 2022 is the year we can finally start living our best lives again. And who better to celebrate with than the drivers of progress, those who hold the future of tech in the palm of their hands… the ambitious young talent of the Dutch digital scene!

We’re so happy to announce that for the fifth time, we’ll be shortlisting 500 people, under the age of 26, who have shown outstanding accomplishments in the digital tech space. There will be multiple judges looking through the answers that you provide, judging on criteria like relevant work experience, side projects, education, personal accomplishments, and your personal webpage. The T500 members will be invited to TNW Conference 2022!

Applications have closed. Applicants will hear if they made it onto the list around May 14.

T500 benefits

T500 benefits

Apart from having your talent recognized as a member of TNW's T500 list of 2022, you will receive a number of benefits:

  • The opportunity to connect with tech companies that are hiring at TNW Conference
  • Exposure through TNW's social channels and a spot on our webpage

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T500 2022

  • Aabharan Hemanth

    Co-director/Head of Design, Myst Works B.V.

  • Ahsan Fazal


  • Alexander Bos

    Investment Analyst, Innovation Quarter Capital

  • Alexander Stromberg

    CEO & Co-Founder, Apolix

  • Alexander van Citters

    Student & Serial entrepreneur, Blauwhelder Media + Accuselect

  • Amrish Jibodh

    Founding Director, Starring & Co.

  • Anastasia Tumchenok

    Global Brand Marketing Specialist, KARL LAGERFELD

  • Anastasiia Havrylchenko

    UX designer, WeAreBrain

  • Andra-Ioana Huidu

    Systems Analyst Project Manager, Tesla

  • Andre Woons

    Co-founder & CTO, Nivoda

  • Andreas Paulusma

    Growth Lead, MoneyMonk B.V.

  • Anjali Agarwal

    Student, Entrepreneur, Community creator, Circular Spaces, Sigma Squared Society, FairFight

  • Antoine Moghaddar

    Founder & Filmmaker, Captain Events, Shotmaniacs, Young Creators

  • Antonia Pietrus

    Student/Research Assistant, Weizenbaum Institute

  • Assel Zhumatayeva

    Innovation Consultant | Delivery Lead, Rabobank

  • Ayla

    Student, Bit

  • Ayoub El Mohamadi

    Marketing coördinator and Creative, Staffyou (Rotterdam)

  • Azamat Omuraliev

    Data Scientist (Product Owner), ING

  • Bart Lambeck

    Creative Designer, Uppley Media

  • Beate van Garderen

    Student UX Designer / UX Researcher

  • Bjarn Bronsveld

    Software developer, Lightbase

  • Björn Kouw

    UX Designer, The Valley

  • Bobbie Lee Bakkum

    Product Designer, KVK

  • Boy Kolman

    UX/UI Designer, Nerds & Company

  • Bram

    Formal scientist, Bit Academy (located at TNW West)

  • Bram Goossens

    UI/UX designer, Move4Mobile

  • Bram Naus

    Digital Designer, Verve

  • Bram Smolenaars

    Student, SMART Photonics

  • Brandon Lee Hoop

    Founder and Digital (Social) Strategist, BLH + studio

  • Brian Bawuah

    Creative Frontend Engineer

  • Carlijn Hartsema


  • Cas Brinkhof

    Revenue Operations Analyst, Happeo

  • Casper Sauerbier Couvée

    Startup advisor, Sauwerpiern

  • Chiel Bos

    Software Engineer, CBYTE

  • Chingiskhan Kazakhstan

    CEO & Co-Founder, bondi

  • Clara Nürnberg

    Talent Intelligence Intern, Philips

  • Clara Vetter

    PhD Candidate, Amsterdam AMC and LMU Munich

  • Daan Lap

    SEO specialist, Lap Marketing

  • Daniel de Weerdt

    Founder, Muvipro

  • Daniël Logchies

    Cook, Creative director and NFT Project Manager, Davo, CardMapr and Moco Museum

  • Daniel Stoopendaal

    Student / UX Designer, Okaia

  • Daniel Vicente Paiva

    Digital Adoption Project Manager, DGTL Ventures

  • Daniël Voort

    Founder / CEO, student, Techsdev Holding B.V.

  • Danil Aleksandrov

    Founder, Attenda

  • Demas van Dijk

    Owner of Demas Design, Demas Design

  • Dennis Stam

    Growth Marketer, Nationale Vacaturebank

  • Dheeraj Ramchand

    Marketer | Marketing Course Trainer, LifeVersity, RAMCHANDD

  • Dhruv Gulhar

    Creative/Experience Coach and videographer, Evalan

  • Diana Helme

    Community Lead & Support, Dealroom

  • Dirk van Meer

    CEO, CORE (Stichting IVER and CORE Technology in the chamber of commerce)

  • Dylan

    Commercial director, Flatline Agency & Under Reality

  • Dyon Pacheco

    Student, VC Analyst at Lumo Labs

  • Edwin Prins

    Performance Marketeer, Gladior B.V.

  • Elize Wind

    Producer, Gardeners

  • Elvira Garkava

    Business Analyst, Rabobank

  • Emiel Kolk

    Founder, Futy

  • Emiel Muis

    Co-owner and Creative Front-end Developer, Level30Wizards

  • Emma Saroyan

    Developer Advocate, Alpaca Markets

  • Enrico Tan

    Freelance marketer and designer, Entan Media

  • Evi Alifragki

    Associate Tech Recruiter, LevelUp Ventures

  • Fabian Giger

    CCO & Co-founder, Utrecht

  • Falk

    Prototype Lead, Bit

  • Felix Bouma

    Founder, CEO, Lead UI/UX, Telos

  • Floor Hegge


  • Floor van Donkelaar

    Business owner, Utrecht

  • Floris Elders

    Digital Product Designer, Perspective Design Agency - https://www.perspective.design/

  • Floris Root

    Part of the Team, Bit

  • Fouad Maakor

    Cyber Security Consultant, RedTeam Cyber Security

  • Franco David Scucciero

    CTO, Rather Labs, Inc

  • Friso Modderman

    Entepreneur & fullstack software engineer, Ignited

  • Gideon Roose

    Front-end developer, Healthy Workers

  • Gijs Oosterling


  • Gijs Verdonschot

    Techincal Director, CraftBoxs and at Datastreams

  • Gijs Wijngaard

    PhD Candidate, Maastricht University

  • Hedwig Klamer

    UX/CX consultant, GriDD Customer Experience

  • Henk Theunissen


  • Henry Tang

    Co-Founder, Turff

  • Herman Ozols

    Full Stack Developer, Student

  • IJsbert Bekooy

    Co-founder, Accuselect

  • Ivo de Geus


  • Ivo Hinderink

    CEO, Tell it Different | Look At My Property | 916 Agency

  • Jaap Beerends

    Directeur, Volcano

  • Jamie van Eijk


  • Janyk Steenbeek

    Full-Stack Developer, University of Groningen

  • Jarno van der Linden

    Chief Revenue Officer, The Revenue Office

  • Jason Stewart

    Communications Officer, Fledgerr

  • Jasper Koenen

    Digital Product Designer, EveryMoov, Deboprojects, Koenen Design

  • Jayanshi Tripathi

    Student (excluding current job as a working student)

  • Jeffrey Oonk

    Student & Digital Marketer, Bronkhorst High-Tech

  • Jelger Oud

    Student, Student

  • Jelle

    Owner, Wycon BV

  • Jelle Houben

    Co-founder, Binqy

  • Jelle Schuitemaker

    CMO & Co-founder, GOAL 3

  • Jelle Zandbergen

    Business Developer, https://arfected.com/

  • Jesse Grift

    Founder, Govin

  • Jesse Jutson

    Software Engineer, Stripe

  • Jesse Vermeulen

    Product Designer, Airfoil Studio Inc.

  • Jim De Vries

    Back end developer, Altura.io

  • Jim Ebbelaar

    CEO, Assured Online, Pursue Amsterdam

  • Jip Koopen

    Creative, House of Sports

  • Jochem Vogel

    Front-end Developer, YourSurprise

  • Joep Franssen

    Founder WebNexus | Digital Agency, Utrecht

  • Joost Hermans

    Co-Founder & COO, Apolix B.V.

  • Joost Mulderij

    Freelancer / Ondernemer, Vonk Agency

  • Joost Pompe

    Founder - CEO, Figo Mobility

  • Jordi Heesakkers

    Product Designer, Origin & bunq

  • Jordi Merx

    Project Assistant, B00

  • Joris Tuit

    Co-founder, Binqy Wellbeing (Using AI to Detect and Prevent Employee Burnout)

  • Joris W. van Rijn

    Founder & Freelance e-commerce consultant / developer, Freelance, currently @ Bistroo

  • Jose Ignacio de Alvear Cardenas

    Educational consultant, Fundacion INCYDE

  • Joy Jansen

    Human Centered Designer, fresk.digital

  • Julia Herni

    Student and part-time Community Manager, GoSpooky

  • Julian Hoogendoorn

    Founder De Nieuwe Gevers, De Nieuwe Gevers

  • Julien

    Founder/CEO, Anywyse.audio

  • Juliën Kreuk

    Freelance Designer, WADM.nl

  • Justin van Dongen

    Founder, JKC Media B.V.

  • Kamila Ishalina

    Founder, Head of Marketing, EDGEncy

  • Kamilla Dajani

    Business Analyst Intern, Deloitte

  • Karsten Van t Wel

    Jr. Account Manager, Henkel

  • Kay Dekkers

    Director, ZONA WORLDWIDE

  • Kevin Rouwkema

    Front-End Developer, Hero Balancer

  • Kilian van Berlo


  • Kim Hiemstra

    CMO, Boombrush

  • Kim van Veldhuijzen

    Junior Project Leader, Fundamentals Academy

  • Kiril Karov

    Product Designer, Software Group AD, Sofia

  • Kirty Bol

    Sales Advisor, Amac

  • Kristóf Vass

    CTO, Sourcer

  • Lara Vujovic

    Student, TNW

  • Larissa de Ruijter


  • Lars Hanegraaf

    Data Engineer / Co-founder, Blenddata, Nike

  • Lars Kuijlenburg

    Prototyping Lead, We are Bit | Research and prototyping studio

  • Lars Ruijs

    Solutions Engineer, DEPT

  • Lars van Schaick

    CEO, Co-founder, ChannelDock

  • Laura Brouwer

    Editor, DPPLR (dpplr.nl)

  • Laurence

    Owner, Fifty one

  • Lennard Terlouw

    Founder & Owner, My Dear Beer

  • Liam Tjoa

    CEO, Gospooky

  • Lobke Mooij

    Owner Loca Alma, Loca Alma

  • Lorenso D'Agostino

    Entrpeneuer/Full-stack developer/Software Engineer, Koders

  • Lucas Botzen

    Founder, Rivermate

  • Maarten Gerritse

    Freelancer, Freelancer

  • Maarten Wolters

    Senior Consultant, Search X Recruitment

  • Magdalena Zapryanova

    Growth Hacker, Freelancing at KYP Project and Monument Meetings

  • Maik van Vugt

    International expansion manager, GetMoss

  • Manoj Pandey

    Senior Data Engineer, Plan A GmbH

  • Manouk Fransen

    Data analyst, Digital Power

  • Mark van Eijk

    Full stack developer / Designer, Treesign & Stuurlui

  • Marloes Pas

    Senior Business Technology Consultant, Capgemini Invent

  • Marlon Visser

    Co Founder, 2you marketing

  • Martijn Krook

    Team Lead Social Advertising, DEPT®

  • Martijn van de Wetering

    Founder/IT Consultant, Chabter, Sentralise

  • Martijn van der Pas

    Founder, Makeover & Backlink

  • Maruf Abdirimov

    Software developer, Genius Voice

  • Masha Moisseyeva

    Co-founder of Digital Marketing Agency, edgency.nl

  • Mathias Schmid Perez

    Commercial Account Executive - DACH (German speaking market), Datadog

  • Mathijs Verstegen

    Product Owner, D66

  • Matthijs Knigge

    Student, Volcano

  • Max Schalow

    COO & Co-founder, bondi

  • Max Swinkels

    Developer, Full-time at We Are Just, and building my own business at Manyway

  • Max Teeuwen

    Datascientist, NoLemmings

  • Mees Rutten

    Co-Founder and Creative Front-end Developer, Level30Wizards

  • Meilina Reksoprodjo


  • Meisoen van Bol-Es

    Student, Student

  • Melvin Wezenberg

    Product Strategy Lead, Google

  • Menno van Hout

    Founder, software engineer

  • michel heino

    Digital Account Manager, The Brink Agency

  • Midas Hofstra

    Founder, My companies

  • Mihail Atanasov

    Owner & Head of Strategy, PROGS Agency & Marademics

  • Mike Tesselaar

    Content Creator / (travel) photo- and videographer, Mite Visuals - based in North-Holland, The Netherlands

  • Mischa Rick van Geelen

    Cyber Security Consultant, Incident Responder, NFIR BV

  • Mitchel Wallaart

    Medior Project Manager, Endeavour

  • Mónica de Vera Gonzalez

    HR & People Operations Manager, Localyze

  • Myrthe Moring

    Salesforce AI Consultant / Master AI Student, Salesforce

  • Nando Bennis

    (Graduate) student, WeTicket.com

  • Nea Nieminen

    Business Development Manager, Bit

  • Nick Koppen

    Social Media & Content Marketer, Triple Double Sports Marketing

  • Nick Vernij

    CEO, co-founder, Basement Labs

  • Niels Tukker

    Recruitment tech entrepreneur, Recrubo

  • Niels van der Veen

    Full stack developer/designer, For my own company ITware and JVDmedia

  • Niels van Meurs

    Founder, Currently building a startup

  • Niels Verstappen

    Co-founder at Brush AI, Brush AI

  • Nikki Pommer

    Brand Strategist

  • Ninarosa Juffermans

    Student, Denkfabriek Agency

  • Noah Ploeg

    Business owner and student, Mediaploeg and ODB

  • Noud Adrichem

    Software Engineer, Bannerwise

  • Obrian Mc Kenzie

    Senior AI Dev, Home or production facilities

  • Olivier Vroom

    Product Owner, HDN.nl

  • Owyn Mulder

    Founder / E-Commerce consultant, Omedia

  • Pablo Biedma

    CEO, Filmmate

  • Pascal van Soest

    Webdesigner, Entrepreneur, Front-end developer, Twin Digital, Pascal van Soest Vormgeving, BouwersBende

  • Paul Schellekens

    Co-founder, Accuselect.be

  • Paula Scotto di Minico

    Frontend developer, AXXS.games / SPOXX

  • Pauline Lubbe

    Growth Marketing Manager, Unmuted

  • Philip van den Heuvel

    CFO / Lead Frontend Developer, Breeze

  • Priscilla Idro Tutus-Lelea

    User Experience Designer

  • Quillian Blom

    Owner Vak-Media

  • Quinty Vermeer

    President & Early-stage investor, ASIF Ventures

  • Rajarshi Chakraborty

    Manager, Erasmus Data Collaboratory, Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics

  • Reka Magyari

    UX designer, Attendi

  • Renske Steenbrink

    Freelancer, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

  • Ries Meijssen

    Backend Developer, MX3D

  • Rik van Loenhout

    Co-founder, Hintle, self-employed

  • Rik van Rooij

    Co-founder and student, Cordital

  • Roan Deighton

    Student, Proud Nerds

  • Robert Ligthart

    Freelance Product Designer

  • Robin Broekhuizen

    Lead Developer, Robin Retail (founder); We Are Labels (E-com Manager)

  • Robin den Hartog

    Data Analyst/Data Engineer, Projective Group (for DTSQUARED)

  • Robin van Maasakker

    Founder, Qubiqx & Quezy

  • Roel Stellinga

    Visual designer, Dept Agency, Borders & Fills, Roelish Design

  • Roland Rutten

    CEO, 2R Enterprises

  • Roman Sirokov

    Co-Founder, CTO, Dizconto

  • Romy Hartendorp

    UX/UI designer, The Main Ingredient

  • Ronan

    Senior Designer, Fangage

  • Rosanne Heeren

    Digital Marketing Consultant - Social Advertising, DEPT®

  • Rowena van den Bosch

    Personal trainer, Fit-byrow & Monsterscore

  • Roy Ermers

    Front-end, Altura B.V.

  • Roy Vathorst

    Founder & owner (but they call me Chief Happiness Officer), Digiwijzer Nederland | Voorlichting op scholen | RV Webdiensten

  • Ruben Nijhuis


  • Sam Hengeveld

    Co-founder & New Business, dutchinnovation.org/Knyfe

  • Samuel Omorogbe

    Influencer marketeer / sales & marketing coach / social media expert, Own company: 48FITS Management

  • Sander Kruitbos

    Growth Marketer

  • Sandro de Calonne

    Student, Student

  • Sapphire Minz

    Data Intelligence Analyst, Allianz

  • Sara Okhuijsen

    Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, OASYS NOW

  • Sarthak Anand

    Masters student, Student

  • Sebastian Townsend-Burke

    Marketer, ASIF Ventures

  • Sergio Sjak-Shie

    Founder, Grow-A-Plant

  • Sevim Aktas

    Policy Officer, European Commission

  • Shaddy Grant

    Owner, Marketing services by Grant

  • Shubhojit Ghose

    Deputy Manager, Growth and Corporate Development, ReNew Power

  • Sjoerd Kocken

    Student, Freelancer

  • Sjuul Smits

    Project Manager, Gospooky

  • Stef de Rijk

    Student, student

  • Stefan Hoogenboom

    Co-founder, blackbear

  • Stefan Rozier

    Business Development Manager (+owner of a company), Abovo Maxlead

  • Stefānija Pērkone

    User Experience Desginer, The Valley

  • Steffany Liew

    Visual Designer, Dept Agency

  • Stijn Eckes

    All-round designer/co-owner, 2you marketing

  • Stijn Visser

    Manager Leasefietsshop.nl, Vak-Media

  • Stuti Mittal

    Thesis Intern - Technology Consulting, PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)

  • Sven Slijkoord

    Lead developer, Data Analytics

  • Sylvan

    Owner, HarrimanSteel from 9-5, Freelance from after hours

  • Sylvia Zapryanova

    Marketing Director, Erasmus Tech Community

  • Taisiia Garkava

    Junior Security Analyst, Cybersprint

  • Ted Jansen

    Owner, Embora Group B.V.

  • Teun Kortekaas

    Software Engineer, student

  • Teun Mathijssen

    Student, Student

  • Thijs van Lierop

    UI/UX Design Intern, Orderli

  • Thimo Jacobs

    PhD Candidate, Utrecht University

  • Thomas Aleva

    Co-founder, Quickvision Creative

  • Thomas van Dam

    Founder part time; E-commerce Manager part time, Leasefietsshop.nl

  • Thomas van Zadelhoff

    Owner & full stack developer, Koders

  • Thyne Scholte

    Data Scientist and Student, AirFrance KLM Martinair Cargo

  • Tjitte IJzebrand de Jong

    UX Designer

  • Tom Coldenhoff

    Lead Developer, Altura

  • Tom de Ruiter

    Omnichannel Personalisation Marketeer, The Snack Club

  • Tom Kammüller Pont

    Director of Operations and Innovation, Erasmus Tech Community

  • Tom Lulofs

    Co-Founder, Moksi Social

  • Tommie Koppens

    Co-Founder & CEO, Fitsurance BV

  • Tycho Litjens

    Co-founder, The Prototype Factory

  • Vera Stefany

    UI/UX Designer, Freelance Remote

  • Victor Bey-Smith

    Director, ASIF Ventures

  • Waleed Siraj

    Junior Consultant & Head of The Portera Connect Podcast, Portera B.V

  • Wessel Giezen

    Owner, Giezen Digital & Entertainment

  • Wessel Loth

    Tech Lead, Arcady

  • Wessel Pannebakker

    Startup Scout Intern, TNW

  • Will Maguire


  • Wout Haakman

    CEO and Co-Founder, Sourcer

  • Wouter van Os

    Site Reliability Engineer, Cloudbear B.V.

  • Yana Sherstyuk

    Analyst, Deloitte

  • Yannick Bierens

    Chief Technology, Urban Journalist

  • Yash Mundhra

    Software Engineer, Netcompany

  • Yoep van Werkhoven

    Brand builder, Studio Vision

  • Youp van t Hoff

    Student, Graduate Entrepreneur

  • Zaid El Ouardani

    Client Lead, A Bigger Circle

  • Zlata Fakhrutdinova


  • Zuzanna Topolska

    Student & Freelancer, Optecs

Previous partners

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