Brand Marketing Manager, Accenture

As a talent-led company, we’re very proud to support the development of ambitious young talent in the digital scene.



Accenture has an abundance of programs that promote the future leaders of tech, like the Young Talent Tech Program, Digital Talent Factory, and the Female Talent Program. Accenture is a strong talent-led company and has always felt that giving young talent a stage to develop their tech-skills is crucial to the industry’s future – that’s why they are empowering the T500 program. Check out Accenture's open entry-level positions here.

The T500 Members

  • Graduate Intern at 3PO

    Amrish Jagroe
  • Front End Developer at de Bijenkorf

    Aditya Astono
  • Founder at Orox

    Yannick Forget
  • Solutions Consultant at Cloudbear B.V.

    Wouter van Os
  • Founder, CEO at CodeGrade

    Youri Voet
  • Founder & owner at Werfs Investment Management

    Bas van der Werf
  • Station Manager at LAYZER

    Tino Zwirs
  • Founder — UX Engineer at

    Daan van der Zwaag
  • Founder & Digital Designer at A-Town Agency

    Abigaél Chayenne Straver
  • Th3rd · 3D content for new platforms

    Clara Escoms
  • Data Scientist at Lionoda

    Bastian Geneugelijk
  • Partnerships and Community Lead at Accenture

    Andreea Butincu
  • Business Development and Sales Analyst at EVBox

    Coral Taylor
  • Founder & Chairman at Asset Management Study Association

    Daniel Ester
  • Co-founder & Data Scientist at T&T Data Consultancy

    Thomas Prikkel
  • Graduate Intern at Dept Agency

    Daisy Hofstede
  • RPA Developer at Accenture the Netherlands

    Thu Tran
  • Digital Technology Consultant at PwC

    Suzanne Vos
  • Frontend Developer at Pixeldenker

    Bram Honingh
  • Freelance Designer at Studio THO

    Thomas Eekhof
  • Freelance Webdeveloper at Christiaan van Luik

    Christiaan van Luik
  • Fullstack Developer at Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

    Deborah Gaanderse
  • Strategy Associate at Backbase

    Thomas Borchers
  • Founder & UX Designer at Reversed Digital

    Ruben Heijbroek
  • Owner/ Founder at Digital Concepting

    Tim Vromans
  • Retailer Manager

    Stefania Maria Martigopoulou
  • Student at Universiteit van Amsterdam

    Vilius Slapelis
  • Founder at Ohallo | Founder at Surprise Date

    David Simon
  • Data Scientist at Mediaan

    Dirk Bongers
  • Marketing New Associate at Accenture the Netherlands

    Stan De Keersmaeker
  • Founder at UPLAB

    Fabian Ouwehand
  • Digital Specialist Northern Europe at Expandi Group

    Florine Verhagen
  • Founder at JagerWorks

    Stef Jager
  • Project lead at BIT Students

    Vincent Damen
  • Co-founder Student Idea Network

    Dymphe Mensink
  • Front-end Developer at Webbeat

    Sara Wegman
  • Digital Designer at Deerhead

    Dylan van Zanten
  • Product designer specialised in Mobile Apps at Temper

    Romana Koster
  • Lead Developer at JUNO Amsterdam

    David Knigge
  • Operational Support at Adyen

    Giorgia Madella
  • Co-Founder & CEO at Crowded

    Robert van Hoesel
  • Frontend developer with a passion for design

    Folkert-Jan van der Pol
  • Software Engineer 💻 at Dutch Coding Company B.V.

    Rik van Loenhout
  • Founder at Logodrops

    Giliam Verheide
  • Customer Success Manager at Harver

    Dionne Koemeester
  • Project & Account Manager at Foryard

    Ivo Jonkers
  • UX/UI Designer at Foleon

    Tim Arisz
  • Founder/ Developer at Mr Djordan

    Djordan Papilaya
  • Data & AI intern at Microsoft

    Iulia Feroli
  • CEO at Aerlabs

    Eric Dammeijer
  • Consultant at Ross Republic

    Adrian Klee
  • Freelance Digital Designer

    Rick Bossenbroek
  • Co-Founder & COO at MotoShare

    Daan van der Wal
  • Managing Director at We Are Live [Creating and Producing Live Video Experiences]

    Thomas Mulder
  • Founder / AI expert at Zash B.V.

    Raoul Fasel
  • Bringing purpose to profit | MSc International Marketing Management with Sustainability

    Vera van der Wal
  • Operations Manager at Scribbr

    Hilde Prinse
  • Product Designer at Healthy Workers

    Pim Jenniskens
  • Digital Designer & Photographer

    Eva Valkenburg
  • Owner at BePublished

    Rob Migchels
  • Front-end Developer at Pünktlich: Briljant in Digital Design

    Niels Tack
  • Software Engineer at University of Twente

    Hagop Jamkojian
  • MSc student Industrial Design

    Jordy Alblas
  • Data scientist at T&T Data Consultancy

    Thomas Helling
  • Senior AI Developer at

    Obrian MC Kenzie
  • Freelance Content Strategist

    Robin Roosdorp
  • Co-Founder/Executive Director at The Better Tomorrow Movement

    Navodinee Wickramanayake
  • UX Designer // Currently at Nike and Liberty Global via Saxum

    Riëlle de Groot
  • Head of Content at Wayne Parker Kent

    Noah Korevaar
  • cleantech

    Georgios Stathis
  • Product Designer at MOBGEN

    Irem Dilan Cayci
  • Student New Media & Digital Culture

    Lenna Essink
  • E-Invoicing Consultant @ Comarch

    Nick van den Berg
  • Business Developer at Urban Journalist

    Ishan Khurana
  • Founder at Gale

    Ruben van Gaalen
  • Product Designer at

    Joy Jansen
  • Head of Marketing @ Spotcap | FinTech | External Advisor

    Gijs Hoonhout
  • Freelance Digital Designer at Studio Melissa Bos

    Melissa Bos
  • UX designer at Yacht

    Quendoline Jansen
  • Co-founder at TaskforceAI

    Niels Bosmans
  • Artificial Intelligence Master student. Looking forward to get inspired and connect with other AI enthusiasts!

    Lyubov Polyanskaya
  • Product & Service Designer at MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive

    Martina Bonetti
  • Industrial Engineer

    Mahsa Nejati
  • Software engineer at Adyen

    Joost Rothweiler
  • AI Consultant at Fectum

    Jan Erik van Woerden
  • Director of External Relations at Erasmus Tech Community

    Nicole Lisizki
  • Junior Creative at The Perfect Wave

    Marrit Cnossen
  • Sales Operations at Dept Agency

    Mark Bijl
  • CEO at Normality

    Gilian Ponte
  • Junior UX designer

    Julia de Jong
  • Lead Technical Marketer at Recruitee

    Milan Meurs
  • Growth Marketer at Helloprint

    Neil Gursahani
  • Frontend developer at Label A

    Gavin Ligthart
  • Co-founder / CTO at boring voice

    Laura Schreiber
  • CompSci student & CTO at Little Green Company (T500)

    Noëlle Clement
  • Expertise Lead Distributed Ledger Technology at ING Bank

    Lisa Biesenbach
  • Data Scientist at Blendle

    Okke van der Wal
  • Product/UX Designer at Innovating Society

    Alexandra Gurita
  • Junior frontend developer

    Kevin Rouwkema
  • Kameliya Stefanova
  • Data Scientist at Xomnia

    Max Bijkerk
  • Founder / Designer at Kasper Dolk

    Kasper Dolk
  • Data Scientist at Mediaan

    Hristo Minkov
  • Cloud Consultant at Google

    Max van Zoest
  • Master student at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

    Inga Kartozia
  • Founding Partner at Core Digital Strategy

    Jonne Frankena
  • Freelance full-stack developer at

    Joep de Jong
  • Senior UX Developer at Shopify

    Koen Vendrik
  • Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture

    Astrid Dral
  • GIS Manager at Sea Going Green

    Celine Demey
  • Junior Data Scientist at PauwR

    Dirk-Jan Verdoorn
  • Owner at Zwiq Media

    Tom Zwikker
  • UX/UI Designer at Programic

    Marco ten Donkelaar
  • Freelance Digital Designer

    Rick Karens
  • Owner at Erik van der Plas

    Erik van der Plas
  • Strategist at Dorst & Lesser

    Maud Olieslagers
  • intelligent products designer

    Almar van der Stappen
  • Co-Founder at

    Henry Tang
  • Co-Founder at Trop X

    Michelangelo Pagliara
  • Designer/Developer

    Nils Westhoff
  • Digital project manager at Macaw Nederland

    Marloes Liplijn
  • Platform manager at Otrium

    Maurizio Makor
  • App developer

    Milan van Schaik
  • Product and Service Design Student exploring graduation opportunities

    Mark Janssen
  • International Student at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

    Temirkhan Konkashev
  • Co-Owner at Frimatek

    Joost van der Straaten
  • Data Scientist at Annual Insight

    Maarten Ottenhoff
  • UX/Visual Designer at Bit

    Maria Barmentlo
  • Business Development at Bynder

    Morgan Furneaux
  • Coach at BIT Students

    Luc Meijer
  • iOS Software Developer at TomTom

    Yevhen Andreiev
  • Director at Ice Investments BV

    Anne Koolen
  • Co-Founder at Arbi Augmented Reality

    Idriss Iziyi
  • Designer/ Communications at BIT Students

    Mara Polak
  • Freelance Creative Designer at Pixeldenker

    Rob Scholten
  • MSc Computer Science Student at TU Delft

    Boning Gong
  • UX Designer at BullFrog Avenue

    Michelle Ruigrok
  • Software Engineer at Microsoft

    Marius de Vogel
  • UX Designer at

    Camille Gribbons
  • Webdeveloper at Cbyte

    Chiel Bos
  • Product Designer at Brthrs Agency

    Reinoud Oskam
  • Behaviour change & IT specialist

    Jennifer Reinhard
  • Co-Founder at UpSwift

    Gijs Verdonschot
  • Frontend Developer at Edenspiekermann

    Joseph Preyer
  • Consumer Knowledge Intern at Nike

    Kilian van Berlo
  • Strategic Product Designer

    Dasha Simons
  • Design Intern at Clockwork

    Kiril Karov
  • Founder of Spike Diabetes Assistant

    Ziad Alame
  • Founder at Wooms & We Watch, Co-Founder at BVO

    Sven Slijkoord
  • Founder at Jesse van der Pluijm Productions

    Jesse van der Pluijm
  • Co Founder at Netgain Internetbureau

    Anwar Amiri
  • Senior front-end developer at Sytac IT Consulting

    Luuk Gruijs
  • Data Scientist at KPN

    Mateusz Garbacz
  • Welsh art director based in Amsterdam

    Ross Weaver
  • Creative Founder at STRAK

    Thomas Oldenburger
  • - at -

    Marco Squarci
  • Head of Event Management at Erasmus Tech Community

    Mateusz Zbaraski
  • Product & Business Innovation

    Robin den Hartog
  • Creative at BrandBase

    Hugo Duyvestyn
  • Data Scientist at Scribbr

    Dylan van Wonderen
  • UX Designer at Yacht Technology

    Bobbie Lee Bakkum
  • Developer at Mouhtadi R&D

    Tariq Mouhtadi
  • Business development intern at Helloprint

    Patrick Sloot
  • Founder at Realify

    Bjarn Bronsveld
  • Business Development Manager EMEA at Mambu

    Michel Breeuwer
  • L&D Coordinator

    Cristina Musteata
  • Digital Entrepreneur at Kevin.Consulting

    Kevin Meeuwisse
  • Founder at Buildup Camp

    Andres Campo
  • Digital Marketer

    Natasha Schon
  • Tech Event Organizer and External Relations for Turing Society at Erasmus University

    Claris Parenti
  • Creative Director at Duxilio

    Robert van Haaren
  • Java Developer at theFactor.e

    Niek Gigengack
  • CEO at TIFY

    Veronica Sule
  • Owner at Appstronaut

    Martijn Otter
  • Hacker at NFIR

    Zawadi Done
  • App Developer at ProGen Works

  • UX Designer at SPIE Nederland BV

    Arthur Geel
  • UX / UI Designer at Picnic

    Thomas Otter
  • Customer Success Manager at Healthy Workers

    Jonatan Roose
  • Designer at Greenberry

    Sarah Rakers
  • Master Student Computer Science at University of Twente

    Lindsay Kempen
  • UI/ UX Designer at El Niño - Digital Development

    Niki Volonasi
  • Eigenaar at De Haan online marketing

    Jorn de Haan
  • Founder at Mintwater Marketing

    Gijs Dellemijn
  • CEO and Student Technical Computer Science at WeersProductions

    Floris Weers
  • Co-founder at summitto

    Victor Sint Nicolaas
  • Digital Project Lead | Event Moderator at Chelle Media

    Rachelle Leerling
  • Visual Designer at TomTom

    Oleksandra Rudakova
  • SEO Marketeer at Omoda

    Valérie de Saegher
  • Junior Data Scientist at Mediaan

    Floor Hegge
  • Co-Founder & CEO at Snapthat

    Haris Bin Naeem
  • Co-founder at Closure

    Graciëlla van Hamersveld
  • Student Mathematics & AI

    Babette Mooij
  • CCO / Co-Founder at Ohnana Tents

    Benny Wessels
  • Student at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

    Margarita Tutygina
  • UX Designer at

    Nicole Sellmeijer
  • Owner & Software Engineer at B00

    Remco Beugels
  • AI Research Scientist at APG | Honours+ Research Student at Maastricht University

    Zhecho Mitev
  • Co-founder at Canvas Studio

    Martijn Schouten
  • AI Specialist at Mediaan

    Valentin Calomme
  • Intern at Isala and student at the University of Twente

    Frank Buisman
  • Strategic Service Designer

    Pervin Celik
  • Researcher | Innovation Fellow | Strategic Business Developer at University of Twente

    Suhaib Aslam
  • Content Writer at Neurofied

    Clara Vetter
  • Analytical Progammer at the Tax and Customs Administration

    Thijs Clowting
  • Interaction Designer

    Hedwig Klamer
  • Growth Marketer at Foleon

    Emma van der Wal
  • Data Analyst D&E at ASML

    Mei-Jun Yeh
  • CTO at TIFY

    Ajkel Mino
  • Data Scientist at Mediaan

    Luca Verkoeijen
  • Co-Founder & UX Designer at Sticktail

    Marijke Dekker
  • Technology Graduate at Liberty Global

    Jake Lagaay
  • Co-Founder at Clairify

    Felix van den Horst
  • Industry 4.0 Consultant at IBM

    Theodoor van der Klaauw
  • Digital Designer at Strakzat

    Noortje Geluk
  • Team Lead and Data Scientist at Mediaan

    Bruno Lubascher
  • Co-founder at MedKitVR

    Freek Teunen
  • PhD Student at Nederlands Kanker Instituut

    Dorothea Hintzen
  • Digital Marketer

    Billy Kiemeneij
  • UX Design at Accenture

    Stan de Ruiter
  • Medical product designer at TU/e, innovationSpace

    Reka Magyari
  • Creative Concept Designer at MCI The Netherlands

    Piet Dijkstra
  • Co-founder at Animus

    Azamat Omuraliev
  • Software Engineer at

    Fabian de Almeida Ramos
  • Founder at Proudfitters

    Pauline de Bruijn
  • Master student Business Administration at Universiteit van Amsterdam

    Dennis Bastiaansen
  • Digital Designer at Bit

    Lisa Landesbergen
  • Jr. Online Marketeer at Rituals

    Yannic van Overbeeke
  • Data Scientist at Mediaan

    Marwan Mansour
  • Founder & Passionist at Passion never

  • Data & Analytics Consultant at Motion10

    Derrick Bakhuis
  • Account Manager at Cisco

    Jan Van de Vyver
  • Front End Engineer at WeTransfer

    Pauline Wang
  • Data Science Consultant at Accenture the Netherlands

  • UX Design at

    Michel van Heest
  • IT Officer at Erasmus Tech Community

    Evgeny Astapov
  • Co-founder at Jibia

  • UX Designer at ING

    Tess Poot
  • Associate Account Strategist at Google

    Cato Bui
  • Global Communications at Red Bull Media House

    Lisa Burghardt
  • Recruiting Coordinator at Bird

    Monica de Vera Gonzalez
  • Business Analyst at LOGEX

    Maxime van der Kroon
  • Communications Strategist at 72andSunny

    Charlotte Rubesa
  • Part of the Team at BIT Students

    Mark Romme
  • Software Architect at AssistYou

    Harsh Khandelwal
  • Founder of Wellbyte

    Bart Koppelmans
  • Software Engineer at El Niño - Digital Development

    Alex Imbrea
  • Founder

    Valerie Bos
  • Projectmanager at Tweakers

    Zoe Lammers
  • Student @ Rotterdam School of Management

    Caspar von Hochberg
  • Visual Designer at Helloprint BV.

  • Cloud Solution Architect Data&AI at Microsoft

    Harmke Alkemade
  • Business & Integration Analyst at Accenture - Blockchain Technology - Social Entrepreneurship

    Kayleigh van Doorn
  • Creative Director at Sagitta Creatives

    Jémuel Angela
  • Full stack developer and project lead at BIT Students.

    Rienk Koenders
  • Marketing Manager at Triple

    Maarten Sonneveld
  • Intern at Dutch Coding Company

    Esmée Klein
  • Co-founder & developer at Egodact

    Rafael Klaessen
  • Strategic Design & Innovation at MOBGEN | DECODED | Freelance

    Nadia Piet
  • Founder at 51designs

    Laurence de Wilde
  • Business & Technology Integration Analyst at Accenture the Netherlands

    Ursula Nawra
  • Innovation Analyst at ING Group

    Max Rijnierse
  • Eigenaar bij

    Thomas van den Broek
  • Head of SEO & Freelance SEO Consultant

    Rick Post
  • Chairman at Chinese Student Association (CSA) Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Wei Wha Xu
  • Software Engineer at Microsoft

    Chantal Olieman
  • Junior Data Scientist at Mediaan

    Christie Courtnage
  • Marketing & Events at Aimforthemoon

    Luc van Veen
  • Student MSc Digital Business & MSc Information Systems at University of Amsterdam

    Eva Vos
  • President at ASIF Ventures

    Dominik Geulen Walters
  • Consultant / Founder at Salami Services

    Nima Salami
  • innovation project manager at TNW

    Lotte Geldermans
  • Freelance (innovation) Creative / Art-Director at SK-MP

    Scott Kooken
  • Software Engineer at Thales Nederland

    Roy Lenferink
  • Art Director at Mariël Martina Maria

    Mariël van den Oever
  • Healthcare technology consultant at Deloitte

    Mirte van de Louw
  • Brand Marketeer at Accenture

    Laurien Hobma
  • HR at Startup Funding Event

    Dorottya Mate
  • Msc AI Student at Universiteit van Amsterdam

  • Strategy & creation at

    Bryan Suiker
  • Video Producer at RUG Scholierenacademie

    Wessel Giezen
  • Co-owner at Frimatek

    Rolf Willems
  • Cognitive Neuropsychologist at Neurofied

    Philip Jordanov
  • Creative Director @ YSYS -

    James Frewin
  • Technology Consulting Analyst at Accenture

    Thomas ten Hacken
  • AI developer at BIT Students

    Joris Mollinga
  • CEO & Founder at Binfluence

    Anouk Moll
  • UX Design Intern at Fonto

    Irma Persoon
  • 3D Design Training & Transformation Specialist at PVH Europe

    Marlies Reukers
  • Digital Business Integration Analyst at Accenture Interactive

    Sophie Louise Koopmans
  • Student at University of Amsterdam

    Teun Mathijssen
  • Quantum Physicist

    Kian van der Enden
  • Head of Partnerships and Growth at CareerTeam

    Maik van Vugt
  • Backend Developer at El Niño - Digital Development

    Victor Lap
  • Co-founder at BuildEye

    Matthias Bekaert
  • CEO

    Josefien Groot
  • Digital Commerce Consultant at Accenture Interactive

    Rozemarijn de Koomen
  • The Hacker at Lean Motherfuckers

    Ahsan Fazal
  • MSc Data Science

    Jelle Roebroek
  • Owner at Interly Streetwise Marketing

    Maarten van Heugten
  • Design Thinking & Strategic Foresight Consultant at Lily Higgins Creative

    Lily Higgins
  • Founder & CTO at Blockport

    Zowie Langdon
  • Radio host, producer & nerd.

    Jan Paul Beukema
  • CEO, Leadership Development Coach at Creative Brain Academy

    Mary Senkowska
  • Jorik van Kemenade
  • Graphic/Motion Designer at MixCom

    Vivienne Lis Braselmann
  • System Engineer at Punch Powertrain

    Marius Zuurbier
  • Freelance Communications x Digital at Independent

    Falco Wienberg
  • Founder at Dutch Coding Company

    Joris van Rijn
  • Innovation Manager at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

    Rajarshi Chakraborty
  • Chief of Office at LevelUp Ventures

    Danique Boelhouwer
  • Managing Director at Wavyr

    Thijs Verreck
  • Co-Founder at Zinho Drion

    Mitchell Drion
  • Head of Digital Experiments at The Prototype Factory

    Tycho Litjens
  • Lead AI at BIT

    Rick Groenendijk
  • Co-founder & CTO at SecondPlayer B.V.

    Roy Derks
  • Student Commerciële Economie - Digital Business Concepts

    Minou Ucerler
  • Strategy Consultant & Entrepreneur at Young Advisory Group

    Nathalie Kegels
  • Digital strategist at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

    Dean Kappen
  • Developer at Dutch Coding Company

    Wessel van Nierop
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