What's new at TNW Conference 2023

We are back and better

Leading the change

Leading the change

With every edition of TNW Conference, we are always looking to level up your experience while reclaiming the future. Your time on the conference grounds is important to us and we want to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Travel, network and do business with ease with all of our improvements, thanks to your feedback.

New themes

New themes

Thought provoking ideas and tangible takeaways for business

With our new forward-thinking themes, we are certain there will be something for everyone at the conference as we come together to reclaim the future. Learn about our four new themes:

Creator Economy is dedicated to explore how creators and creatives can shape the future of the $100 billion industry using technology as a tool for positive change.

Data Economy dives into key data-driven technologies, including generative AI, big data, digital twins, and edge computing.

Digital Commerce shows you how to leverage new technologies and strategies including voice commerce, visual search, predictive analytics, and AR / VR.

Design & Dev teaches you how to apply the latest design principles, and drive innovation to fuel organic growth.

20% more exhibitors

20% more exhibitors

This year we've increased the number of companies exhibiting at TNW Conference 2023. Get lost on the expo floor as you dive into the technologies of the future that companies such as NN Group, PWC, Miro, Google and EY will be showcasing. We are sure that these 2-days will be packed with amazing conversations and inspirational companies as we come together to reclaim the future.

Activities at TNW Conference

  • 🏓

    Padel tournament

    Want to take your business meetings to the court? Join EY onsite for a padel tournament. Use discount code PADEL15 on group tickets and sign your team up today!
  • 🎤

    Boat karaoke

    Get your favourite karaoke song ready because this year we have a karaoke party on a boat! Duet with your boss, friend or with people you met at the conference.
  • 🧑‍💼

    The Assembly

    In partnership with the Financial Times, The Assembly will bring together government leaders, policymakers, corporates, and founders to find common ground between regulation and innovation.
  • 🤝

    Dutch DEI Coalition

    At TNW, we believe in using our platform to empower those around us. This year, we will be introducing the Dutch DEI Coalition to create a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.
  • 🎮

    Onsite games

    Want a new way of doing business and breaking the ice? Play games such as ping-pong and sjooler throughout the conference with colleagues and new connections!
  • 🕺

    Opening party

    Kick-off TNW Conference and dance through Amsterdam’s famous Reguliersdwarsstraat during our street party.
Conference Social Responsibility

Conference Social Responsibility

Our pledge at TNW is to mitigate our business's environmental footprint, not just at our offices but also at our events. To fulfill this commitment, we collaborate closely with the Amsterdam City Council, our vendors, and associates to encourage sustainability and curtail the environmental impact of our events.

We acknowledge our duty to take initiative in conserving the environment, and we are fully devoted to executing sustainable measures throughout our business practices. In 2023, our Conference will adopt past successful strategies and launch fresh initiatives across various sustainability areas, striving towards a greener future.