The Next Web Network’s Weekly Recap: Google vs China, iPad and Twitter’s Business Model

The Next Web Network’s Weekly Recap: Google vs China, iPad and Twitter’s Business Model

Welcome to The Next Web’s Weekly Recap. If you haven’t already, make sure to grab your tickets for The Next Web Conference taking place April 27-29 in Amsterdam. This week we announced that Tim Ferriss will be one of the keynote speakers at this years conference.

This week saw the conflict between Google and China reach a new level as China called out Google claiming that it is colluding with the US Government to wage a cyberwar against them. This week also saw the last speculation for a couple highly anticipated events: the iPad release (April 3rd) as well as Twitter’s business model.

Google in China
This week the drama between Google and China escalated. At the beginning of the week, Google’s China website was redirecting to the search engine’s Hong Kong site. This was followed by China blocking all mainland traffic from the Hong Kong Site. Earlier reports had Google set to shut down China operations by April 10th. While the story still unfolds, you can check which Google services are still available here. China is clearly very angry with Google and recent comments made by the government claim that Google has been colluding with the US Army to wage a cyberwar against them.

iPad Release Coming
Apple’s highly anticipated iPad release is now less than a week away (April 3rd). New details about the iPad App Store were revealed why app developers rush to be the first on the device. Newspapers, perhaps the most anticipated use of the device, are excited to see if the iPad can help save them. New details are starting to be released about the possible price-points for newspaper subscriptions, including the WSJ.

Twitter Biz Model Coming, Conquers Spam, Hacker Caught
Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone revealed that Twitter’s long awaited business model is coming “this month”. That pegs the release for sometime in the beginning of this week. This week also saw a couple of other big news stories including news that the hacker who broke into high profile Twitter accounts, including Barack Obama, had been caught. The other new major news was that Twitter as dramatically taken control of spam on the service. According to new data, only 1% of tweets are spam (compared to 11% in August of 2009).

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