The Next Web Network’s Weekly Recap: iPhone 4.0 OS and Twitter vs Third Party Developers

The Next Web Network’s Weekly Recap: iPhone 4.0 OS and Twitter vs Third Party Developers

Welcome to The Next Web Network’s Weekly Recap. Make sure to check out this week’s podcast where we discuss the biggest stories of the week. Also, the deadline to grab your tickets to The Next Web Conference 2010 is fast approaching. This week we were excited to announce that Dr. Robert Cailliau, co-inventor of the World Wide Web, will be the opening keynote speaker at the conference.

This week Apple once again dominated the news. On Thursday, Steve Jobs unveiled the new features that will be a part of the iPhone 4.0 OS. The new OS is set to drop this summer alongside new iPhone hardware. The other major news was Twitter’s threat to third party developers dubbed as “hole fillers” by Fred Wilson, Twitter board member and principal at Union Square Ventures (investor in Twitter). A blog post by Wilson along with a couple big official Twitter app announcements caused rifts in Twitter’s developer community.

iPad Recap and iPhone 4.0 OS

Last week was dominated by the iPad news. While the initial sales figures were impressive, the feedback hasn’t been completely positive. However, most are impressed by the 1.0 product. If considering buying an iPad (or any Apple product) make sure to check out Sachin Agarwal’s Guide to Apple Product Cycles.

Apple followed up last week’s big iPad release with an event on Thursday at their HQ in Cupertino, CA to announce the upcoming features in iPhone OS 4.0 (to be released this summer along with new hardware). The biggest announcement was that the new OS will include multitasking (as well as background location). Check out this video of the iPhone’s multitasking ability. Other key features included folders and Mail improvements. They also announced their new ad network dubbed iAd. Here is our complete recap of Apple’s event announcements.

Twitter Encroaches on Third Party Developers

On Wednesday Fred Wilson, a principal at VC firm Union Square Ventures (an investor in Twitter), wrote a blog post that caused many third party developers building on top of Twitter’s platform to take notice. Wilson, who sits on the board of Twitter, told developers “to stop filling the holes in the Twitter product.” Twitter employees were quick to offer tweets in support of Wilson’s warning.

The warning proved extremely timely as Friday saw some big “hole filling” announcements including the release of Twitter’s official Blackberry app as well as the purchase of the popular iPhone and Mac Twitter app Tweetie. Developers were quick respond by creating hashtag #unionoftwitterapps to discuss the developments. Loic Le Meur of Seesmic had a great 15 minute video response to the news.

So how far will Twitter go in developing functionality that encroaches on features offered by current Twitter apps? Much will likely be answered next week at Chirp, Twitter’s first official conference in San Francisco (April 14th – 15th).

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