Filters are the future so…The Next Web announces ‘Filters for Posts’!

Filters are the future so…The Next Web announces ‘Filters for Posts’!

You’ve read the news about Yahoo adding filters to its Flickr iPhone app today, Twitter adding filters to its apps yesterday, and Facebook doing the same a few weeks earlier. Now, although we like to believe The Next Web is at the forefront of innovation we just felt we couldn’t be left behind with this. So today, we are proud to announce an exciting new feature, soon to be available across all of our posts: filters!

The new Filters option will allow readers to spice up posts by applying standard Instagram like filters like Vintage Green and the classic that is ‘Vintage Sunset’, but also ‘Black & White’, ‘Old newspaper’, ‘Telex’, ‘Dull as hell’ and ‘Bloodlust’ to posts. The results are amazing because they turn otherwise dull content into interesting an artsy artwork. My personal favorite, Dull as Hell, can be found in the screenshot below.

Of course you will be able to reshare these filtered posts with your friends on most social networks through our sharing button. Most filters make the text illegible but that shouldn’t stop a self-respecting hipster.

Here are a few examples of filters applied to The Next Web:

Black & White!

Vintage Sunset!

Dull as Hell:

The new filters are currently being tested by selected readers. If you want to try it yourself just share this post on Twitter or Facebook, reload this page exactly 4 times, leave a comment saying exactly “Filters are the future” and the filters will become available for you too.


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