Clean up your home WiFi with a lifetime of NetSpot Home — for under $20

Wifi Connection

At one point or another, we’ve all played the infuriating guessing game known as “Find the WiFi.” For many, connecting to a home WiFi network requires suffering through odd connectivity issues punctuated by occasional dropouts and months of trial and error determining “good spots” and “bad spots” all around your house.

Dump the guessing game and get some concrete answers about your home WiFi — as well as definite steps for correcting WiFi dead zones — with a lifetime license to NetSpot Home, available now for just $19 (72 percent off) from TNW Deals.

NetSpot takes the hassle out of using WiFi around your house. Just use the NetSpot mapping feature to visualize, manage, troubleshoot and audit your wireless network. Your map will show you a comprehensive “heat map” of the best and worst WiFi locations all over your home, including your dead zones and the best places to optimize with hotspots.

You can keep constant, real-time track of your WiFi connectivity and speed to make sure you’re always getting what you paid for from your Internet provider. It’ll also let you know if your network is improperly secured or vulnerable to cyber attack.

Make sure your home WiFi is the helpful resource you want it to be with a lifetime license to NetSpot Home, which includes full access to major NetSpot updates forever. Get it right now for only $19.

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