It’s nuts, but there’s now a company that specializes in wiping Pokémon off the map

It’s nuts, but there’s now a company that specializes in wiping Pokémon off the map

It’s crazy, but Pokémon Go has become so huge that there’s now a company that specializes in wiping Pokémon off the map.

As Go players often vagabond into private or potentially unsafe areas, a number of power utility companies have resorted to the services of cybersecurity firm LookingGlass that offers a solution to stave off Pokémon hunters away from trouble by “exterminating” creatures in restricted regions.

CEO Chris Coleman told CNN Money that over eight companies have already approached LookingGlass with requests to remove Pokémon from certain areas that they claimed Go players often trespass to catch ’em all.

On its part, LookingGlass sends notifications and suggestions to Pokémon Go creator Niantic Labs to pull creatures off the radar in order to prevent hunters from getting into possibly dangerous situations.

Most of the locations in the augmented reality smash-hit game have been sourced from Niantic’s own Ingress – another AR game that the company released back in 2013.

So far there’s been a string of Pokémon Go related accidents, including a YouTuber getting shot at while intruding on a private property and a hunter that stumbled upon a dead body while playing the game.

It seems like it’s about time Niantic gives people and businesses a way to report private and potentially unsafe locations without having to depend on third-party companies to do it for them. Guh.

This cybersecurity company kills Pokemon on CNN Money

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