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Ripple ranked as one of the best companies to work for in Bay Area, supposedly

Underachievers need not apply

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The latest cryptocurrency bear market has been blamed for numerous lay-offs and corporate restructures over the last few months. But it’s not all bad news as Ripple XRP has been announced as one of the tech industry’s top employers.

The corporate focused blockchain firm has been ranked as the 17th best small to medium enterprise to work at in the Bay area, according to Fortune research partner Good Place to Work.

Ninety-one percent of Ripple employees said it is a great place to work, with 97 percent of employees saying they are willing to give extra to get the job done. I mean, all the people on their careers page sure look happy.

“Happy Ripple employees”

That said, it seems Ripple isn’t all about the “tech hustle” as 96 percent of employees claim they are able to take time off work when they need to.

Ripple appears to be the only company from the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector to make the list. Though it should be noted that firms have to pay for GPTW services, so this might have something to do with it.

Other (non-blockchain) tech firms did feature list of 35 SME businesses in the Bay area, though, including the familiar SurveyMonkey.

The list of large companies was topped by hotel chain, Hilton, alongside which household tech names like Cisco, Adobe, Dropbox, and NVIDIA also featured.

To be eligible for the list, companies must open their doors to researchers from Good Place to Work (GTPW) and allow their staff to be surveyed. Companies with less than 999 employees – like Ripple – are classed as small to medium enterprises. While those firms with over 1,000 employees are put head to head with other “large” companies.

GPTW considers a range of metrics when putting their scores together, but it is mostly based on employee feedback. The GPTW methodology states that employees are faced with 60 questions which focus on how good it is to work where they do.

As I mentioned a company must pay for GPTW’s services before becoming certified, it has to meet a number of prerequisites set out by Good Place to Work. Naturally, a company isn’t going to pursue certification unless they believe they’ll get a strong score; and if it doesn’t meet the prerequisites it can’t be certified and won’t feature on any list.

So take it all with a pinch of salt, and spare a thought for the employees at companies that aren’t mentioned.

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Published March 4, 2019 — 15:50 UTC