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French security official arrested for selling ‘secrets’ for Bitcoin

Good job the guillotine isn't used any more

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A French security official has earned themselves a fast-track ticket to the Bastille after being arrested for allegedly selling “state secrets” on the dark web in exchange for Bitcoin.

The unidentified agent, who worked for the General Directorate for internal security (GDIS), was arrested on September 26, Le Parisien reports.

It would appear the agent abused their position within the GDIS to obtain access to and falsify sensitive documents, which were then sold on the dark web in exchange for Bitcoin. BTC The amount that the agent was able to earn from the sales of these documents has not been disclosed.

Le Parisien reports that the agent had been working with organized crime groups as well as economists who were keen to get see the government information. No link to terrorism has been established.

The information leaks were first identified by the Judicial Police. The GDIS’s internal security service was then notified, and pursued investigating the case further.

Every member of personnel within the GDIS has an individual code which tracks their computer activity. By using this code, the investigation was able to identify the perpetrator responsible for the data leaks.

Data files within the GDIS can be classified as “confidential defense” or “secret defense.” Leaking files with this level of security clearance can be punished with up to seven years imprisonment and a fine of $115,000 (100,000 euro).

This news makes quite a change from the usual stories of data leaks and Bitcoin. Usually it’s the black-hat hackers extorting Bitcoin out of unsuspecting victims.

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Published October 2, 2018 — 09:51 UTC