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Join the world’s leading blockchain, crypto and finance companies at more than 50 venues across three days.

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The next frontier

Engage with the industry's brightest minds

Hard Fork Decentralized works with the crypto and blockchain community to take over London, transforming the city into an interactive hub. See inside leading blockchain, crypto, and finance companies. Network at memorable meetups and workshops city-wide.

Together we’re helping to bring the next 100 million users to the blockchain.

In good company

Here are some of the first partners that are joining Hard Fork Decentralized 2018.


These are the first speakers for Hard Fork Decentralized.

  • Yoni Assia

    Yoni Assia

    CEO, eToro

  • Charlie Shrem

    Charlie Shrem

    Founder, CryptoIQ

  • Kavita Gupta

    Kavita Gupta

    Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys

  • Joon Ian Wong

    Joon Ian Wong

    Managing director Europe & Asia, Coindesk

  • Margarita Khartanovich

    Margarita Khartanovich

    Editor-In-Chief & Head of Insight, Binary District

  • Berit Fuss

    Berit Fuss

    Blockchain Consultant, B-chain innovation

  • Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson

    Software Engineer, Ethereum

  • Sasha Ivanov

    Sasha Ivanov

    Founder and CEO, Waves Platform

  • Alexandr Kolupaev

    Alexandr Kolupaev

    Communications Manager, Waves Platform

  • Ilya Smagin

    Ilya Smagin

    Smart Contract Development Lead, Waves Platform

  • Jana Petkanic

    Jana Petkanic

    Token Economy Analyst, Founder, BlockchainTalks.io

  • Dimitar ‘Mix’ Mihov

    Dimitar ‘Mix’ Mihov

    Editor Hard Fork, The Next Web

  • Cassidy Robertson

    Cassidy Robertson

    Product Owner, CryptoKitties

  • Letitia Seglah

    Letitia Seglah

    Independent Expert, European Commision

  • Adam Koltun

    Adam Koltun

    Evangelist, QRL, the Quantum Resistant Ledger

  • Arnold Daniels

    Arnold Daniels

    Co-founder, LTO Network

  • Rick Schmitz

    Rick Schmitz

    Co-founder, LegalThings

  • Martijn Broersma

    Martijn Broersma

    COO, LTO Network

  • Sanja Kon

    Sanja Kon

    VP of Global Partnerships, Utrust

  • Inal Kardanov

    Inal Kardanov

    Developers Advocate, Waves Platform

  • James Roy Poulter

    James Roy Poulter

    CEO, The Reserve

  • Vlada Bell

    Vlada Bell

    Token Capital Markets, Head of EMEA, The Reserve

  • Georgina Brett

    Georgina Brett

    Chief of staff, The Reserve

Ticket types

Experience Hard Fork Decentralized in a way that suits you. Whether you’re here to learn, be inspired, connect or do business with industry decision-makers, we’ve got you covered. Pick the pass that suits your needs.

  • Festival

    ex. VAT
    • Access to all decentralized sessions
    • Personalized schedule
    • Networking app (10 intros)
    • Access to After Party
  • Priority

    ex. VAT
    • Access to all decentralized sessions
    • Personalized schedule
    • Networking app (30 intros)
    • Access to After Party
  • Business

    ex. VAT
    • Priority access to decentralized tracks
    • Personalized schedule
    • Networking app (100 intros)
    • Access to After Party
    • Access to the Exchange
    • Access to Secret Track
    • Access to 1:1 meeting program

Ticket deals

Check out our ticket deals to see if you qualify for a discount to Hard Fork Decentralized.
  • 85% Discount

    Young Creators

    We want to bring a fresh perspective to our event. That’s why we’re offering an 85% discount to blockchain enthusiasts under the age of 30!

    Get your discounted ticket by dropping us your email and referring two friends under the age of 30. Boom, done!

  • 85% Discount

    Blockchain Developers

    Blockchain is only as strong as its code, so DLT developers enjoy an 85% discount on their ticket to our event!

    To secure your ticket, drop us your email and refer two developer friends. Then enjoy your discount to Hard Fork Decentralized. It’s that simple.

  • 85% Discount

    Women in Blockchain

    Let’s tackle the industry’s diversity issue together. We’re inviting women interested in blockchain to join our event with an 85% discount.

    To secure your ticket, drop us your email and refer two other women interested in blockchain. That’s it!

Join The Exchange

The Exchange is the hub where deals get done. At The Exchange decision makers come together to build new partnerships, conduct 1-1 meetings, join roundtable discussions, interact with speakers, partners, investors, and vendors through a range of formats.

A business pass is required to access The Exchange.

Get involved

Host an event

The Hard Fork Decentralized Festival includes more than 50 intimate decentralized tracks inside companies across London; keynotes, hands-on workshops, and many purposeful networking sessions.

We’ve built a global tech community of millions over the past 12 years by informing and inspiring them online and offline. Leverage our reach and experience and be part of Hard Fork Decentralized. Together we're unlocking and empowering the next 100 million people on the blockchain.

Stronger together

Partner with us

12 years of hosting leading b2b events has taught us a thing or two.

We know how to get our concepts in front of the right people and build a buzz. Our proprietary events stack ensures you will meet the right people, see the right session for you and get the most out of our events.

Partner with us on Hard Fork Decentralized and leverage our knowledge, technology and experience to position your brand in front of highly engaged blockchain and crypto professionals, enthusiasts, and newly converted optimists.

Find Out First


Previous Speakers

Here are some of our previous speakers from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

  • Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson

    Software Engineer, Ethereum

  • Tim Draper

    Tim Draper

    Founder, Draper Venture Network

  • David Schwartz

    David Schwartz

    Chief Cryptographer, Ripple

  • Bryce Bladon

    Bryce Bladon

    Co-founder, CryptoKitties

  • Justina Lee

    Justina Lee

    Markets & Crypto Journalist, Bloomberg

  • Kary Bheemaiah

    Kary Bheemaiah

    Director of Research, uChange

  • Toni Lane Casserly

    Toni Lane Casserly

    Founder, CULTU.RE

  • Katrina Arden

    Katrina Arden

    Attorney, Blockchain Law Group

  • Galia Benartzi

    Galia Benartzi

    Co-founder, Bancor

  • Ryan Shea

    Ryan Shea

    Co-founder, Blockstack

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