Report: Apple is bringing new iMacs, MacBooks and a 5K display this year

Report: Apple is bringing new iMacs, MacBooks and a 5K display this year

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is set to announce much more hardware after it drops the iPhone 7 next week.

New iMacs, a MacBook Pro and a 5K display are on their way, which is not surprising. What might make you scratch your head is the Air, which is also receiving an update.

With the MacBook arriving last year, many wondered if Apple was simply going to replace the Air with that model in its lineup, effectively creating an iPhone-esque MacBook lineup with a base model and a Pro.

But now that we have an iPhone SE, perhaps the MacBook Air also has a place in the lineup.


Like the Pro, the MacBook Air is said to get USB-C. The iMac is said to carry a new graphics processor from AMD.

The Pro will receive a flatter keyboard — something I really enjoy about the MacBook. Additionally, it’s said the OLED function key bar is called the ‘Dynamic Function Row’ internally at Apple.

After dropping the Thunderbolt display earlier this year, Apple is said to be working with LG on a 5K display, much like the iMac.

That’s a lot of new stuff from Apple; an iPhone coming soon, and a new MacBook lineup dropping later this year after an October announcement. Get your credit cards ready.

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