Apple rolling out iTunes Match in UK, Canada, AUS and Europe, with some early bugs

Apple rolling out iTunes Match in UK, Canada, AUS and Europe, with some early bugs

We’re seeing reports come in that Apple is launching iTunes Match in other countries worldwide. So far we have confirmed that the option to sign up for the service has appeared in France and the UK, and there are reports that it has been seen in other  countries like Australia as well.

The service appears to have some issues across these countries though, as we’re getting reports that some people have been able to complete the signup process but not get the service working yet. This could indicate an accidental rollout or perhaps the service is just getting fired up.

However, the same ‘sign-in but get no service’ bug preceded the launch of iTunes Match in Brazil earlier this week, so we’re fairly sure that it is indeed going live now.

In France, the iTunes Match signup option is appearing in the main iTunes window, where it advertises a price of € 24,99 for the 1 year of service. Our writers around the world are seeing the signup screens now.

In the UK, the price is 21,99 and in Australia it is $39.99 a year. We have confirmed that the signups are live and available for users to begin purchasing the service.

Are you seeing the option to sign up where you are? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’re a global reader that is excited to try out the iTunes Match service, we encourage you to check out our Complete Guide to iTunes Match here and our instructions on how to perform a one-time upgrade of your song quality here. You can also check out our Guide to iCloudfor the lowdown on iTunes in the Cloud.

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