Exclusive: Droid Grabs 1.44% Market Share

Exclusive: Droid Grabs 1.44% Market Share

Clicky Web Analytics, maker of excellent website statistics that we use here at TheNextWeb, has begun tracking Droid browser market share among all browser enabled phones. Result: 1.44% so far.

Clicky is tracking data for iPhone, greater Android, and the very new Droid:

droid market shqare

As you can see, the 1.44% number only applies to US browser enabled smart smartphones. For the moment, we are unsure what that translates to globally. However, given that Android’s global market share is 58% as large as its US footprint (according to the numbers), we can guesstimate that Droid has around a 0.84 percent global market share of browser enabled phones.

Of course, this data is quite new, but Droid is making a very strong showing for such a young phone. Perhaps those physical keyboards are bringing in more purchases than we had thought?

As Clicky tracks more and more data, we will continue to monitor the situation. Anyone want to put a guess out on when, if ever, Droid will grab 5%?

The data is accumulated from across all 150,000 websites that Clicky tracks, so it represents a large enough sample size of global websites to be meaningful, and accurate.

Disclosure: I worked for Clicky briefly in 2008.

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