Droid Moves 100,000 Units In A Weekend

Droid Moves 100,000 Units In A Weekend

MotorolaDroidThe heavily anticipated, hyped, and well received Droid moved an estimated 100,000 units in its opening weekend.

This shows both strength in the smartphone market, and continuing demand for smart phones that are not the popular iPhone. More broadly, Motorola, manufacturer of the Droid, expects to sell one million phones running Android in the fourth quarter of 2009.

They expect to sell ten million in the year 2010.

Of course, the iPhone in its various iterations has have had better inital sales weekends, but the Droid’s launch is being hailed as a success.

Cellphone enthusiasts are attracted to the technological capacity of the phone, and smartphone users turned off by the lack of a physical keyboard on the iPhone, have been contemplating the move.

If the Droid can continue its sales momentum, it will quickly become the best-selling Android phone, at least moving forward. Recall how long it took the G1 to reach one million in sales.

Apple had best glance over its shoulder, the latest competitor in the smartphone race just might be gaining ground.

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