(updated) 4Chan launches embarrassing attack on devout Christians on Facebook

(updated) 4Chan launches embarrassing attack on devout Christians on Facebook

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We posted a relatively amusing screenshot earlier today which saw a highly embarrassing photo posted to someones Facebook profile. The photo initially seemed similar to a number of others we’ve posted over the last year or so, but after a little more digging, it appears there is a sinister underbelly to the photo and many others currently floating around the web.

It seems as though some of message-board site 4Chan.org’s elite has managed to acquire a list of Christian Facebook users and quite possibly their passwords too. In doing so, they’ve hacked a number of accounts, posted a number of extremely embarrassing photos and messages to Facebook walls, and then continued to comment under the shares – pretending to be the actual account owner.

One example is shown below, and their Facebook profile page is still public:

Screen shot 2009-08-22 at 17.54.49

For the unaware, 4chan is a place where anyone can anonymously post messages, photos, links, thoughts and because of this, the site is often the source of a number of sinister threads, memes, contests and indeed, plans of attack.

4Chan is believed to have been the initiator of pornographic attacks on YouTube, DDOS attacks on Scientology’s website, hacking of Sarah Palin’s email account, a fake story submitted to CNN about Steve Job’s heart attack, and many many more.

What makes this very difficult to confirm is that 4Chan does not offer a search facility, and pages expire after a period of time – meaning the site is very often never held directly accountable for anything.

We do know that the hackers are impersonating the members, posting embarrassing images and messages, and sending private messages to many of their friends. Some of the private messages are equally vulgar, others seeming to try and help by asking friends to tell the account owner to change their password.

Update 1

It has been confirmed that at least one Christian university has had their server hacked and usernames and passwords stolen. It’s quite likely that many of these passwords are the same passwords used on Facebook, making it very easy for hackers to access the site.

Update 2

The list of leaked usernames and passwords is real and we have a copy. The list contains a list of email addresses and their passwords. Incidentally, the list appears to have originated from a Christian dating website.

Update 3

We managed to get hold of a folder full of similar screenshots of not just Facebook profiles, but email accounts and other social network profiles too. 4Chan, or whoever is definitely responsible, really went to town here. Some of the images posted are incredibly graphic and the language used used awful. There’s definitely some elements of humor involved, it is 4Chan after all, but many people are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Update 4

It’s not just Facebook. More details here.

This is a breaking story, more information will be posted as and when we receive it.

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