Breaking: It’s not just Facebook. 4Chan hack Christian’s social network, email, Paypal accounts and more…

Breaking: It’s not just Facebook. 4Chan hack Christian’s social network, email, Paypal accounts ...

For previous developments on this story, see here and here.

Since our Facebook hacking story earlier, we’ve had some pretty significant updates.

First, the story so far:

An unknown Christian dating site was recently hacked and whoever responsible managed to gain access to a list of email addresses and passwords. It’s likely the file was posted to anonymous message board and in doing so, some of its frequenters have begun a rampant attack on Facebook, e-store profiles, email accounts and other social networks.

We initially managed to get hold of one the original txt files complete with email addresses and passwords, but we’ve since received a folder full of more login details and screenshots (presumably taken by the hackers themselves) of various email accounts, emails sent, documents, goods purchased and yes, social network profiles.

The social network screenshots (such as this one) are embarrassing, but in the long run, relatively harmless. In regard to the email accounts however, we have seen screenshots of various more sensitive accounts including Paypal and accounts that have clearly been gained access to via peoples email accounts. On top of that, a number of private photographs have been made shared, all of which I can guarantee the people involved would not want made public.

The hackers have also sent a number of emails to friends and family pretending they have either converted religion, changed sexuality, are dying of AIDS or have been affected by some other unchristian like situation.

We’ll post a few of the screenshots below over the next hour, (once we’ve established which ones don’t contain sensitive information).



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