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Tesla remains the Big Daddy in the US EV market, despite new challengers

You Musk be kidding me?

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Nearly eight in every 10 electric vehicles sold in the US last year were made by Tesla.

In fact, of the top five electric vehicles sold in the US in 2020, four were made by Tesla. The other, was the budget oriented Chevrolet Bolt, according to figures from Automotive News cited by Teslarati.

If ever there was a single statistic that summarized the state of the electric vehicle market in the US it is this: 79% of EVs sold last year were made by Tesla.

Tesla’s more affordable models, the Model 3 and Model Y, were the two most popular EVs of the year. The Chevy Bolt came in third, with the Model S and Model  X taking fourth and fifth spot.

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When we dive a little deeper, it’s not entirely surprising that Tesla is still dominating the US EV market.

For one, it makes a more comprehensive range of EVs than any other manufacturer at the moment. Legacy automakers will never be able to compete with a carmaker that can corner more market segments.

Despite new challenges from the likes of Ford, VW, Jaguar, and Audi, none are able to compete in as many market segments as Tesla. Until legacy manufacturers make a complete shift to EVs or legislation bans the sale of new gasoline cars, it’s likely that we’ll see EV focused companies continue to stay ahead of the pack.

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Published February 17, 2021 — 09:32 UTC