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A site that tells you if Apple’s AirPower wireless charger is out yet is now out

Yes or no – this is what we can give you

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Have you heard of AirPower? It’s Apple’s wireless charging mat – a device that has been teased and speculated on for ages, but still hasn’t appeared. Well, this arduous wait inspired one Reddit user to create, a website that, uh, tells you if the AirPower is out yet.

Go on, check if AirPower is out yet. I’ll wait.

At the time of writing, this is a big fat no. But things might change later on today (March 25). Apple is holding a somewhat unexpected event, with some of the rumours suggesting that the tech giant is finally set to unveil the AirPower.

This conjecture has only intensified since the release of the latest AirPods. One such clue to AirPower’s existence was the announcement of a wireless charging case for Apple’s wireless earbuds. Surely, the school of thought goes, Apple would release hardware with which to charge its own hardware? Surely.

The other clue was discovered by 9to5Mac, which found a picture of the AirPower mat hidden in the source code of the AirPods page on Apple’s site. More fuel to the fire for sure.

Still, for most people these details are irrelevant, they have but one question: is AirPower out yet? And, thankfully, there’s a site that can tell them just that.

If this brilliant website isn’t enough and you need to stay updated on everything Apple’s up to, we put together this guide on how to watch the company’s March 25 event. Happy viewing and fingers crossed for AirPower!

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Published March 25, 2019 — 13:37 UTC