Learn the skills to market your brand globally — and take an extra 50% off the price

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Building a brand is a marketing pro’s toughest job. Thankfully, with over two billion social media users out there, you have some powerful means to reach those tech-savvy consumers right where they live.

With this Marketer’s Growth and Acquisition bundle (available now for only $49 from TNW Deals), you’ll learn the tools to build a strong online presence that can translate into big dollars toward your bottom line.

The more than 62 hours of content includes:

Build Your Brand: Blogging, SEO, Social Media and Relationships – a $99 value
Use blogging and search engine knowledge to craft cohesive and effective web messaging.

The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course – a $199 value
Tap into the world’s largest social network to convert ad impressions into sales.

Digital Marketing Management – a $299 value
Learn what it takes to build an organized, impactful digital marketing strategy from scratch.

Learn How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing – a $69 value
Email is still the most effective online marketing tactic… learn what works — and what doesn’t.

The Complete Growth Hacking and Conversion Course – a $30 value
Understand growth methods to build your client base — and what it takes to convert those contacts to sales.

A nearly $700 value, this course bundle is now at a super-low $49 price… a total that becomes an even crazier bargain when you enter LEARN50 during your checkout to get an additional 50 percent off.

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