Use Flux 6 to create beautiful web pages with no coding experience (83% off)

flux 6 for mac

While coding skills are a solid tool to have in your web arsenal, new development tools have made it easier and easier to build web pages with no programming knowledge at all. And if the thought of learning all that back end coding makes your eyes glaze over, you’re the perfect target user for Flux 6 for Mac.

Right now, you can pick up this web-building-made-easy app for only $49.99, or 83 percent off its usual price from TNW Deals.

With Flux 6 for Mac, all the HTML and CSS that define web design can be boiled down to simple drag and drop… you can build dynamic, ultra-functional pages without even touching a line of code. Of course, if you do want to get in and customize your page, Flux’s Enhanced Code Editor still allows you a full range of options for tinkering with code.

Move elements like graphics and text onto your pages, then adjust their size, position, colors, textures, and styles. Even play around with inserting cool JavaScript action, all without getting your hands dirty with complicated programming headaches.

The included templates will help get you started in no time, and you’ll be amazed at how cool and attention-grabbing your site can be, even with the most tech-oblivious user at the helm.

Simplify your web coding and shave hours off your development time with Flux 6, which you can get for $250 off its regular price from TNW Deals for a limited time

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