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This article was published on January 8, 2011

Volunteer Work Made Easy in Arabia by

Volunteer Work Made Easy in Arabia by
Ahmad F Al-Shagra
Story by

Ahmad F Al-Shagra

Co-founder of, Ex-Editor of The Next Web ME, trainer, blogger, and programmer. Co-founder of, Ex-Editor of The Next Web ME, trainer, blogger, and programmer.

Red Crescent VolunteerIt’s not hard to find an article that describes the plight of those in need throughout the world. Some are building platforms to watch Earth from Space to prevent genocide.

When it comes to physically lending a helping hand, it can be a challenge sometimes.

That can be said about the world in general, but when you consider the Middle East things get even more complicated.

Because most regimes in the region have a stronghold on all and any kind of mass gatherings, young men and women coming together for a cause can be easily misunderstood. So unless it’s the government that’s asking to get the job done, chances are it won’t any time soon.

That side of the debate was likely to hold water before the Internet revolutionized the way we communicate. Today it’s not only frowned upon, it’s simply unacceptable.

With that in mind, the good people from Jordan based Ideationbox have taken it upon themselves to “enhance the volunteerism and social entrepreneurship culture in the Arab World by serving those committed to social change from youth and nonprofit communities” by building us

The meaning of the Arabic word ‘Nakhweh’ although hard to translate, is similar to the meaning of chivalry (not in it’s women related meaning) combined with courage, helpfulness, and an overall good disposition. Thus the name is very appropriate for what the platform aims to do.

Co-founder of Nakhweh Kamel Al-Asmar says “ was presented by the Ideation Box team as a simple volunteer matching website that helps in connecting volunteers to volunteering”.

The platform is simple, if you have something you need volunteers for you register, post how many volunteers you need and wait for the magic to happen.

With already 3 major in house initiatives 2 local and one global, Nakhweh aspires to build, donate blood or start any number of initiatives for people and NGOs using a simple (although not the most polished) and easy to use interface in either Arabic or English.

Its scope includes Jordan only, but plans on branching out to most of the region during 2011 with Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine and UAE on the top of the list. relaunched today adding social networking integration that automatically posts an initiative to Facebook and Twitter, and a profile page that includes their twitter stream and current volunteering opportunities.

If you’re in Jordan and willing to donate some of your time, or are simply interested in social entrepreneurship news from around the Hashemite Kingdom you can check out the Nakhweh blog. Who knows, maybe you want to be a person others perceive as high on ‘Nakhweh’ too.