This article was published on December 3, 2012

Offline this weekend? Catch the stories you missed

Offline this weekend? Catch the stories you missed
Andrii Degeler

The news doesn’t respect weekends and public holidays, and every time you go offline there’s always a backlog of stories worth reading when you return. Find the most interesting and meaningful news and reads from The Next Web and elsewhere in this brief round-up.

In the news

  • The big fight begins: Windows XP drops below 40% market share while Windows 8 passes 1%.
  • Apple has joined the ranks of businesses around the world to support the World AIDS Day by changing all its retail store logos to red.
  • Trim time! Yahoo Messenger will lose public chat rooms, Windows Live Messenger support, Pingbox, and Yahoo Voice Phone In and Phone Out capabilities on December 14.
  • Internet in Syria began to be coming back on Saturday, following two days offline.
  • Microsoft is going to add music playback capabilities to SkyDrive, perhaps taking Xbox Music to iOS and Android.
  • A man is charged $1.5 million for sharing 7 porn flicks on Bittorrent in “the largest file-sharing related damage award in U.S. history.”
  • A fresh draft of President Obama’s potential executive order on cybersecurity has been leaked, and widely critiqued.
  • “American Banker” has named Square’s Jack Dorsey Innovator of the Year, praising his impact on payments space.
  • Following exclusive interview with CNN, John McAfee reportedly has been captured, according to his own blog.
  • A slippery slope: UK ISPs have blocked The Promo Bay, a completely legal site separate from The Pirate Bay.

Good reads from our authors

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