This article was published on February 20, 2020

Meet the green tech leaders saving us from climate catastrophe at TNW2020

Meet the green tech leaders saving us from climate catastrophe at TNW2020
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Tuesday is a brand marketing specialist living and working in Amsterdam. Tuesday is a brand marketing specialist living and working in Amsterdam.

A planetary crisis looms large. Last summer’s heatwave in Europe melted enough arctic ice to measurably rise global sea levels. In a single event.  

Luckily the board is primed with big-thinking tech players ready to make their next move. Rather than balking in the face of an uncertain future, we’re energized by the progress achievable in tackling environmental challenges through green tech. Can innovation combat the climate crisis, while promoting economic growth?

We know that emerging technology has a key role to play in achieving our global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the next decade. Discover three main themes and exciting speakers shaping our climate resilience roadmap at our 15th annual flagship tech event, TNW2020

Global architecture in the 4th industrial revolution

Sustainable governance models will be integral to securing the future of climate-vulnerable populations worldwide. How can tools like cloud computing, biometric data, blockchain, and AI inform sustainable development — and what ethical questions will we need to address? Award-winning author on socioeconomic inequality, Branko Milanovic, will be joining us at TNW2020 to explore “political rewilding” or reshaping global architecture for the challenges of our times. 

Big data intelligence for climate resilience

From locating harmful emissions to identifying supply chain pressure points, data intelligence can help us respond to threats and protect the environment. But where can industries adopt these technologies; and how can companies satisfy both financial goals and SDGs?

Dexter Glavin supports the development of a sustainable economy through environmental impact reporting as Global Director of Corporations and Supply chains at CDP. At TNW2020, he will share insights on how businesses can align Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards with our SDGs. 

Citizen engagement in the digital age

New digital technologies enable companies and policy makers to act on consumer discourse. How can tech and data be used to close the business and consumer intention-action gap, driving sustainability through positive social influence?

Nadine Galle is on a fascinating mission to renature cities through Green City Watch — tech that monitors and improves the urban forests in megacities worldwide through geospatial AI and computer vision. At TNW2020, Nadine will be presenting on citizen engagement, climate crisis, and consumption models. 

Feeling inspired? Arm yourself with the knowledge and motivation to forge a green path forward with us and ABN AMRO at TNW2020’s Sustainable Societies track. Get your tickets now and join us in Amsterdam on October 1 & 2. 

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