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This article was published on February 24, 2020

Don’t miss Vimeo, Giphy, and Snapchat at TNW2020

Don’t miss Vimeo, Giphy, and Snapchat at TNW2020
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Hannah is a content writer based in Amsterdam. She divides her time between event organising, content constructing, boogeying and Tony’s cho Hannah is a content writer based in Amsterdam. She divides her time between event organising, content constructing, boogeying and Tony’s chocolate. And not always in that order. Having moved to Amsterdam from London over a year ago now, she hasn’t looked back since, finding the cycling, scenic, and slower pace of life far more suited to the beat of her drum. It’s just a shame her sense of direction hasn’t caught up with her still, often finding herself dazzlingly lost in Oost when she is meant to be in the heart of Jordaan.

As we browse the internet each day, we consume hours of video content, share silly GIFs with friends, and send ridiculous selfies. It’s safe to say our brains are hardwired to love images – we are visual creatures after all!

That’s what makes Vimeo, Giphy, and Snapchat some of the tech world’s most successful companies – and they’re all coming to our tech festival on October 1 and 2. 

The speaker lineup is filling up nicely for TNW2020 – with many more exciting names to come. We have already announced speakers from NASA, PayPal, Reddit, and Spotify. Here are the internet culture MVPs we just can’t wait to tell you about: 

Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the most respected platforms for motion-based storytelling. When we discuss the future of video, their ideas and expertise are invaluable.

This week we welcome keynote speaker Anjali Sud, the CEO of Vimeo, to the TNW2020 speaker lineup. Thrust into power after only a few years at a company, she successfully rebuilt Vimeo’s business model (and learnt a few things along the way). It’s not surprising that Sud has such an interesting perspective on how technology is changing the industry. Back in 2018, recently after becoming CEO, Anjali gave an empowering talk on how she changed the course of Vimeo in 90 days. Check it out here:


More than any of its video streaming competitors, Vimeo supports the artistry of its creator community. After taking over leadership, Sud doubled down on Vimeo’s focus to help creators make money from their videos by offering a successful monetization strategy tool. Video continues to evolve in format and function to capture a greater share of corporate, academic, and consumer communications. We’re looking forward to hearing about Sud’s meteoric rise to the top of one of the most exciting companies, and how they are shaping an important segment of our new digital economy.

Don’t miss Anjali’s talk at TNW2020 on the Impact Stage, where she’ll share broader visions about Vimeo’s future trajectory and how the company stays ahead of the curve.  

Caroline Huber, Head of Product and General Manager at Giphy 

GIFs have come a long way since they were invented back in 1987. They have evolved from a mid-2000s internet oddity into everyone’s favorite photo format. Today, GIPHY integrates with all the big messaging apps, so you can easily share your favorite GIF with colleagues and friends (or just bombard them with Kardashian clips). As if that’s not enough, it has an API too. Tech geeks rejoice!

Caroline Huber is Head of Product and General Manager at GIPHY. She basically creates the best GIF products on the Internet. Huber is focused on bringing positivity to its users and believes new features will help people express themselves in new and creative ways. We’re slightly obsessed with using GIFs at TNW so you can probably tell I’m really excited about this TNW2020 speaker. Don’t miss her talking about the wonderful world of product experimentation on the Sprint stage.

Lara Sweet, Chief People Officer at Snapchat

As many of you know, Snapchat is so much more than sharing silly/weird/spontaneous selfies or pictures of you in 50 years to come. In fact, if you use it tactfully, it can be a powerful tool for marketing your company. 

Snap Inc. has seen a number of executive departures from the company in the last year and we want to know how they keep their employees happy amidst a big shakeup in leadership. Taking to the Future of Work stage at TNW2020 is Snapchat’s very own Lara Sweet, the Chief People Officer. Sweet is responsible for managing Snapchat’s people teams and is dedicated to fostering a culture and team at Snap Inc. that will enable continued success. Let’s see how she plans to do it! 

Visit the speaker page to explore more influential speakers at TNW2020, and keep an eye on the big names as they continue to roll in. Heads up! Our ticket prices rise soon, so grab your tickets now at the best price. 

See you in Amsterdam on October 1 & 2! 

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