• Day 1 • 09:25—16:25
      Day 2 • 10:15—17:20

    Pushing your tech startup to exponential growth requires insights into product, marketing and team dynamics that you can only learn from the experts that are behind the growth of the world’s most successful companies.

    • Day 2 • 09:10—13:50

    The next generations will inherit complex problems like resource scarcity, an education skill gap and the effects of climate change on our planet. Future Generations is our look at solving these global challenges through technology.

    • Day 1 • 13:35—16:00

    How does creativity work? What gives some of us the ability to create work that captivates the eyes, mind and hearts of others? Creative Commons is where we discuss the role of creativity and imagination on work.

    • Day 2 • 13:55—16:35

    Since Amazon shipped its first book in 95, ecommerce hasn’t just grown exponentially – it’s transformed to meet the needs of consumers and the capabilities of technology. Marketplace is your opportunity to discover what the future of retail looks like.

    • Day 2 • 12:30—17:25

    The StartupCity Summit is an invite-only gathering where 300 city officials and local ecosystem builders from 150 different cities meet. They will share insights and discuss how local governments can strengthen the city’s ecosystem through startups.

    • Day 1 • 10:20—16:15

    In the race to building a truly general artificial intelligence, narrow AI is already radically changing your business. At Machine:learners we discuss the current and future use cases for machine-, deep learning and neural science.

    • Day 1 • 17:00—21:25

    We are at a crossroads in humanity where some of the biggest social, political and philosophical decisions of a lifetime must be made. The Assembly is an invite-only gathering for industry leaders to confront these decisions.

    • Day 1 • 14:35—16:35

    Technology is rapidly pushing the world of sport into a new era of optimised athletic performance, e-sports and mixed reality consumption. At Offside, leading brands and star athletes discuss the future of sports, business and tech.

    • Day 2 • 14:40—16:25

    At Mixed Realities we explore the different applications of VR and AR across industries and greater human society. Expect to be immersed in new environments and visualisations where physical and digital objects coexist simultaneously.

    • Day 2 • 09:45—14:15

    This year we launched the TNW sub brand Hard Fork, a publication about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and the people behind them. The Hard Fork track is your chance to learn how to leverage this new tech and meet current industry leaders.

    • Day 2 • 09:45—13:30

    Design thinking is not just for designers; it's a way of solving complex problems by understanding human needs and creating solutions that meet them. Design Th:nkers will show you how this methodology can transform your work.

    • Day 1 • 10:30—13:15

    Technology creates ever increasing opportunities for improving your skills, knowledge and productivity. Project YOU is a platform dedicated to the benefits and challenges of self improvement on your career and personal wellbeing.

    • Day 1 • 13:30—17:30

    With new innovations in architecture and sensors, the way we work is changing. Company cultures and creative meeting spaces are adapting to employees. In turn, we will have to adapt as well. Join the Future of Work to stay ahead of the game.

    • Day 2 • 14:20—17:10

    Global brands, artists and music labels discuss how advertisers, creatives and marketeers from their respective fields can harness the power of sound and music through the latest trends in technology and innovation.

    • Day 1 • 10:25—12:55

    Marketing is more than communication and advertising: it can be a strategic growth driver if you deeply understand your customer’s decision journey. Marketing 2020 will cover the trends and tools for marketing innovators.

    • Day 1 • 10:20—14:15

    How do you build a winning company? We’ve invited successful entrepreneurs and executives to share best practices and lessons learned around topics such as company culture, alternative business models and raising venture capital.

    • Day 1 • 17:30—19:00

    For the first time ever, the Global Final of the annual Chivas Venture competition will be held at TNW Conference.. Hosted by BAFTA award winning comedian, Richard Ayoade, the grand finalists will have just five minutes to impress the expert judging panel (including will.i.am!) and you, the audience.

  • More info coming soon

    • Day 1 • 12:30—16:30
      Day 2 • 12:15—16:00

    During 30 minute roundtable sessions with 10 seats, a selection of tech companies share insights on their industry, talk about their product and share experiences. Engage is matchmaking for businesses.

  • More info coming soon

    • Day 1 • 10:20—12:10
      Day 2 • 09:55—12:00

    Talent sessions for talented people. Some of the most innovative companies in tech want show you what it’s like to work with them. Exploring everything from massive database migrations to work/life balance, you’ll get a feel for life in some of the most sought after positions in the world.

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