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This article was published on October 27, 2016

Everything Apple announced at its MacBook Pro event

Everything Apple announced at its MacBook Pro event
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Today, Apple announced the Touch Bar. And then demoed the Touch Bar. Then talked about the Touch Bar. And then demoed the Touch Bar…

I think you get the point.

What else was discussed today in Cupertino? Read on and find out.

Apple TV

With new app categories emerging and cross-device capabilities, Apple wants to control the largest screen in your house.

The latest edition of Apple TV comes with a new app and it’s called… TV.

apple tv
Browse curated tv and movie collections and enjoy live and on-demand news and sports all with a simple swipe on your Siri remote.

Twitter even got in on some of the action as Twitter product manager Ryan Troy announced that Apple TV users will now be able to view their Twitter timelines.

Apple launches TV — the new viewing app for the Apple TV

Twitter reactions to live video are coming to Apple TV

MacBook Pro

In light of the MacBook Pro leak earlier this week, we weren’t surprised by the touch-sensitive OLED control bar integrated into the latest MacBook Pro series.

This multi-touch, Retina display ‘slide and tap’ bar offers contextual buttons and controls to help adjust settings and control running apps. It’s fully customizable and includes a dedicated Siri key.

According to a plethora of demos, we learned Touch Bar is great for photos, works seamlessly with Final Cut Pro, helps you remember your editing history in PhotoShop, and comes in handy when you’ve demo’ed too many times and you need to wake up the journalists snoring in the audience with DJ Pro.

Available in three versions – two 13-inch varieties and one 15-inch – this is the lightest and thinnest MacBook Pro in the company’s history. Well, we’d hope so.

The less expensive 13-inch model, with traditional function keys, offers a choice of dual-core i5 or i7 processors, Intel Iris GPU.  It also includes two Thunderbolt ports. The product is available today and starts at $1,499.

The higher-end 13-inch model includes the Touch Bar, four ports, and a faster 2.9GHz i5 processor. This version begins at $1,799.
The new 15-inch MacBook Pro includes an Intel Core i7 processor with 2133MHz memory, as well as an AMD Radeon Pro 450/455 that offers 4GB VRAM for up to 2.3x faster graphics performance.

All three devices come with a 2nd-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor paired with an Apple T1 security chip.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is the thinnest and lightest one it’s ever made

Apple’s svelte new MacBook Pro brings a Touch Bar and loads more power

Link toApple demonstrates Final Cut Pro’s potential with the new Touch Bar the Source

MacBook Air

Just kidding. That’s apparently not a thing anymore.

After all the discussion of the Touch Bar, and a beautiful ad for the MacBook Pro, Apple touched slightly on MacBook Air. And by that, I mean, compared it against the lower-end 13″ MacBook Pro and how this model is made for Air owners.

13" pro compared to air
Basically, it sounds like Apple is going all in on the MacBook and MacBook Pro while leaving the Air left to die off like the iPod.

Apple just killed the MacBook air with a cheaper MacBook Pro

No AirPods

The AirPods, Apple’s first pair of wireless earbuds, were supposed to ship sometime this month. But as Apple announced yesterday,  the headphones are delayed. No new release date has been given, and they definitely weren’t mentioned at the event.

Apple delays AirPods wireless headphones ahead of big October event

So what are you most excited about? And did we mention the new Touch Bar?

Follow our full coverage of Apple’s event here.

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