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This article was published on September 18, 2012

Facebook updates Pages Manager for iOS with post scheduling, post promotion, two columns for iPad

Facebook updates Pages Manager for iOS with post scheduling, post promotion, two columns for iPad

Facebook today released an update to its native Pages Manager for iOS app. You can download the latest version now from the official Apple App Store.

The biggest new feature (in Facebook’s eyes, anyway) is the addition of post promotion, which will only be useful if you use your Facebook Page to advertise on the social network. You can now push ads to your fans and their friends from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Here’s how the feature looks like:

For everyone else, the ability to schedule posts should be very handy, and I would bet most Page administrators will end up using the feature on a frequent basis. If you schedule all your posts, you should be able to cut down on the number of times you have to log into your Page in order to send something out. Here’s scheduling in action:

Apple iPad users can also now take advantage of their larger tablet screens thanks to the new two-column view. Here’s how it looks:

The full changelog for version 1.4 is as follows:

  • Schedule a post to appear later
  • Display stories in two columns on iPad
  • Promote recent posts to reach a bigger audience*
  • Bug fixes and performance updates

*Note: You need to have created an ad or promoted a post on your computer before using this feature on Pages Manager.

In addition to Facebook Messenger and Facebook Camera, Facebook Pages Manager is yet another of the social networking giant’s standalone apps. Unlike the others though, Facebook Pages Manager is geared towards growing the company’s revenues.

Facebook first launched Pages Manager for iOS in May 2011 and has been regularly updating it ever since. At this rate, we’ll be at version 2.0 next year.

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