This article was published on April 14, 2010

5 reasons why the iPad’s delayed international launch might just be a good thing

5 reasons why the iPad’s delayed international launch might just be a good thing
Tim Difford
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Tim Difford

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The Next Web considers why the delayed international launch of the iPad might not be such a bad thing for those disappointed by the news.

The announcement that Apple is to push back the launch of the iPad outside of the USA until the end of May will have frustrated many Apple enthusiasts.

However, those keen to get their hands on the new tablet device may well benefit from the initial delay. Why?

1. More than half a million avid Apple fans have already tested it!

The US launch of the iPad has gone pretty well for Apple.  In fact excess demand in that market is cited as the main factor behind the delayed launch elsewhere in the world.  However, it’s not been without its glitches, with well publicised wifi problems being a source of early frustration for some new purchasers.

By the time the iPad is ready for launch outside the US, early bugs, glitches and surprise features will be resolved or well on their way to being fixed, meaning that the international launch should be set to run even more smoothly for those hoping to place orders from May 10th when prices are to be announced.

2.  More Accessories

The booming market for iPhone and iPod accessories has already begun to spill over into the iPad world.

Whilst this is an important market for many third party manufacturers, several Apple branded products were also scheduled for launch alongside the iPad but were unavailable for the US launch, some of which are still on 2-3 week back-order including the official iPad case.

By the time the iPad goes live around the world, Apple, its suppliers, as well as rapidly innovating third party companies will have had even longer to gear themselves up to cope with global demand for their products.

3.  More Apps

iPad launched in the USA with over 1000 apps dedicated to the device, in addition to many more  compatible iPhone apps.

New iPad apps continue to hit the iTunes app store meaning that there will be an even greater choice awaiting the world when the Apple puts the platform live around the world at the end of May.

What’s more, those apps that were developed on the iPad emulator will have been tried and tested in the real word on real iPads for several weeks.

This means that that several releases of software are likely to have been made available for many of the more popular apps ahead of the international iPad launch.

4.  More Time To Save

If you’ve set your sights on a top-of-the-range 64gb 3G iPad, you’ll have to lay your hands on the equivalent of $829 (US) before the product hits the market (or even more if Apple’s previous international pricing models are anything to go by).

An extra few weeks might just give you the extra earning time you need to save for a better iPad than the one you thought you could afford.

If you’ve already got the money burning a hole in your pocket, enjoy the interest or keep saving and get ready to kit your iPad out in the best apps and accessories when it finally comes home.

5.  More Time To Consider Alternatives

OK, it’s pretty unlikely that having set your heart on buying an iPad, a month’s delay will sway your decision.  However, the market is buzzing with news of alternative tablet offerings.

This includes  the Linux-based WePad, launched in Germany this week, as well as  speculation around Google’s entry into the tablet market.

Let’s face it, Android phones are beginning to give the iPhone a run for its money… maybe the prospect of a Google slate will tempt you to keep hold of your cash… for a little while at least!

So, in short, what does the news that the iPad’s international launch is to be delayed really mean?  Yes, there’s some disappointment… yes, there’s some frustration… but when international iPads do eventually go live there will be many more apps, many more accessories and many more robust, stable iPads… plus a little extra thinking time!

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