FCC leaks suggest Microsoft’s Surface desktop PC is almost here

FCC leaks suggest Microsoft’s Surface desktop PC is almost here

Rumors have been floating around since the summer that Microsoft is preparing to announce a desktop computer soon – perhaps as soon as late October. Now a Surface-branded keyboard and mouse have leaked through the FCC, suggesting the company will at least be launching something this year.


Rumors suggest it’s an iMac-like all-in-one PC, and patents from Augustsuggest Microsoft is at least considering a modular element, building on the features of the Surface Book. That filing shows a computer that has stackable components, for adding things like RAM, storage, sensors, or even a more powerful graphics card. It would also be able to lay flat for stylus usage.

The images from the FCC show a grey keyboard with chiclet keys, as well as a fairly barebones 3 button mouse. Previous rumors also indicated an ergonomic keyboard is on the way.

Of course, it could be that Microsoft is just launching a keyboard and mouse independently, but that strikes us as a little odd. They don’t appear to be anything special beyond their branding, and Microsoft already sells plenty of its own accessories.

Besides, the timing lines up. It’s been exactly a year since Microsoft’s huge event where it unveiled its Surface Book, Surface Pro 4Lumia 950 series, and Microsoft Band 2 (RIP). The company has been awfully quiet since, with not a peep on any major new hardware in 2016, so this would be a swell time for something new.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for comment, but don’t expect it to confirm any rumors.

Surface keyboards, mice leak ahead of anticipated computer on ArsTechnica

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