Lego version of Windows Phone 7 comes with event invite

Lego version of Windows Phone 7 comes with event invite

This is a pretty good marketing idea – make a product, hold a launch event for major executives and… send them a Lego version of said product. That’s what Microsoft is apparently doing with the invites it’s sending to its Windows Phone 7 Executive Event in November: along with the invite, Microsoft is sending a Lego-ized version of the coming Window Phone 7.

Engadget got these shots below from a tipster for the November event (not the one scheduled for next week in New York City, which we’ll be reporting from), and we’re guessing that if these come in a limited enough edition, and the Windows Phone 7 does well, these could very well be geek collector items someday down the road (or maybe not). Maybe die-hard Lego/Microsoft fans can request a Windows Slate Lego set later this year?

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