Anonymous takes down key government websites in Egypt once again

Anonymous takes down key government websites in Egypt once again

It appears that Anonymous is currently in the process of taking down as many governmental Egyptian websites as it can.

The latest attack from the notorious group, which has lastest over 3 hours, comes in response to the last few days of brutal violence carried out against protesters in Cairo, who continue to call for the end to military rule in Egypt.

Images of soldiers ruthlessly beating men and women in the streets of downtown Cairo once again sparked outrage throughout the world, and today, Anonymous announced the attack on Egypt’s official websites.

On Twitter, the hashtags #Egypt #Solidarity #Anonymous and #CabinCr3w have been used to announce the attacks, and the phrase “Tango Down” has repeatedly been used in tweets to report which sites have been taken down, as was done when Lulzsec took the CIA website down.

The many websites that have been taken down through a DDOS attack include the official Egyptian president’s site, and most significantly, the official site for Egyptian state media, which has been accused of continuing to incite violence against protesters in the past few months. As can be seen in the screenshot from Downforeveryoneorjustme, Egypt’s state media site is inaccessible at the moment.

The attack has been reported by several Anonymous Twitter accounts including AnonyOpsAnonOps, AnonymousIRC and YourAnonNews.

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