Moment’s new 14mm lens promises razor-sharp super-wide photos

Moment’s new 14mm lens promises razor-sharp super-wide photos

As much as I welcome multi-camera setups on modern smartphones, the trend does come with some caveats. Mainly, the ultrawide and/or telephoto sensors and lenses tend to kind of suck. Images from these cameras are often noticeably inferior to those taken with the primary shooter. In those cases, using a well-designed external lens can help, and few brands are as good at making them as Moment.

The company this week announced the $120 Fisheye 14mm Lens, a bulbous metal-and-glass component that attaches to one of the company’s custom phone cases. This lens provides an even wider perspective than most of those on our smartphones – as much as 170 degrees (the typical smartphone ultrawide will capture a 120-degree field of view).

Moreover, Moment’s lens promises “edge to edge” clarity that ensures a sharp image throughout the entire frame. And because the lens works through your phone’s primary sensor, you are still able to take advantage of the best image quality and access features such as Night Mode.

Moment also makes the point that the lens gives you a similar look to an action camera like a GoPro. If you don’t need your camera to be tiny, you could theoretically capture action cam-style footage at a much lower price – just the cost of the lens.

The lens retails for $120 but is available at a promotional price of $90 at the time of writing. Orders are shipping right away.

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