Spotify now suggests which podcasts you should listen to next

Spotify now suggests which podcasts you should listen to next

Spotify is best known for music, but in recent years, it’s made an effort to up its podcast game. Podcasts, after all, are rapidly becoming more popular, to the extent there are now state of the art recording studios just for podcasts. After adding a dedicated podcast tab in its app earlier this year, Spotify now offers a daily playlist to make it easier to find your next podcast obsession.

Similar to Spotify‘s ‘Daily Mix’ and ‘Dicover Weekly’ features, the new playlist uses Spotify‘s finely honed algorithms to try and puzzle out what type of podcasts you might be interested in listening to next. That might simply include the next episode in a podcast you’re already listening to, or suggestions for new podcasts based on your past history. The company says it also takes care to avoid spoilers in story-driven podcasts by showing you a trailer or pilot episode first.

The feature is available for both free and premium users, and is currently available in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You’ll have to have listened to at least four shows before the feature shows up on your recommended list. Once you have, just head on over to the ‘Your Top Podcasts’ shelf or the ‘Made for you’ hub in the Browse menu to find the playlist.

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