Wacom’s new Intuos Pro Small packs serious drawing chops in a $250 portable package

Wacom’s new Intuos Pro Small packs serious drawing chops in a $250 portable package

Wacom just shrunk its most advanced drawing tablet. The company today revealed the Intuos Pro small, bringing the most popular professional drawing tablet to a much more portable package. Bonus: at $249, it’s a lot cheaper than the Medium ($379) and Large ($499) options as well.

The tablet offers almost everything you’d find on its larger siblings. It supports Wacom’s Pro Pen 2 and Pro Pen 3D with 8,192 levels of sensitivity, tilt recognition, and low latency. The caveats are that the tablet only features six customizable buttons to the larger one’s eight, and you can’t replace the top later with different texture sheets. The latter could be a particular issue if you’ve seriously worn down or damaged the surface with extended use, but for most people, this will never be an issue.

And of course, it’s smaller, with a 6.3″ x 3.9″ drawing surface. The overall footprint is 10.6″ x 6.7″ – just a little longer than an iPad Air – making it easy to pack in a bag for work on the go.

If you’ve never used a drawing tablet before but frequently edit photos, annotate documents, or are just curious, the Intuous could be worth a look. A few years ago, I almost replaced my mouse with the Intuous Pro M due to its combination of precision and speed. With a smaller, cheaper tablet, the Intuos Pro Small makes advanced stylus work a lot more accessible, though you can always opt for a cheaper Intuos model if you don’t need all the features on offer here.

The Intuos Pro Small is available from Amazon or Wacom’s store now.

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