Fellow Swifties, Taylor Swift just posted a mysterious video after wiping her social media profiles (UPDATED)

After Taylor Swift wiped her social media profiles (insert hackneyed Blank Space joke here), speculation grew as to what the country-turned-pop star was up to. Is the follow-up to 1989 on the horizon?

Who knows? The Pennsylvania-born pop star just published the following video to her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

And yeah, we’re still none the wiser.

The silent video, which lasts just ten seconds, appears to show the lower-half of a snake (or is it?) contorting. Are there clues buried in the clip, just like Nine Inch Nails did with the release of Year Zero, back in 2007? Or is it indicative of the theme of the (speculated) upcoming album?

After Swift’s online posts disappeared, many speculated that she had been hacked, with one individual taking credit for breaking into her account. This theory was subsequently repeated on the likes of The Daily Dot, ET Canada, and elsewhere.

Given the radio silence from Swift, and the video that was just posted across all of her social media accounts, this is almost certainly not the case.

Update: Swift just dropped another video, this time showing the snake (or dragon?) from a different angle. I wonder where she’s going with this.

Final update: Looks like we have another album to look forward to!

And it was a snake.

This is a developing story and will update accordingly. 

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