YouTuber bites back against Brilliant Earth in ‘conflict-free’ diamond follow-up

After being threatened with legal action, Jacob Worth wasn’t deterred. One of the sources in our Brilliant Earth exposé, Worth created the video that led us down this rabbit hole of dirty dealings in the diamond industry. For his effort, he was promptly hit with a cease and desist letter after we published the piece.

The letter is available in its entirety below.

Brilliant Earth Cease and Desist by Bryan Clark on Scribd

Curiously enough, Brilliant Earth didn’t bother sending us a cease and desist.

Our story expanded on Worth’s, tapped his expertise to help navigate the murky waters of the diamond industry. We can also back up all of the video’s claims, for we had similar experiences — and then some.

But Worth did get a cease and desist, and he needed to make a choice: delete the video, or face legal action. He responded with a Reddit post asking for advice and it went viral with over 75,000 upvotes. Most of the comments are what you’d expect in these sorts of posts: get a lawyer, stop asking random people on social media.

Ever headstrong, Worth decided not only to leave the video up, but yesterday he published a follow-up.

In it, you’ll see further developments, the part we played in the story, and questions that went unanswered after part one. We wish him luck.

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