6 cocktail-laced interviews from the beaches of Cannes

6 cocktail-laced interviews from the beaches of Cannes
Credit: TNW

We at TNW absolutely love a good (work) trip, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we jumped at the chance to send seven of our lovely team members to the Cannes Lions Festival.

We spent most of the week running from meeting to meeting, while drinking bottles of chilled rosé to keep our heads cool and our bodies hydrated. Every now and then we got the chance to have a chat with some of the most interesting people in the world.

Our friends at the Embassy of Dutch Creativity hooked us up with a nice beachside studio, where TNW founders Boris and Patrick supplied their guests with cocktails and an avalanche of difficult questions like ‘When was the last time you did drugs?’. These sessions were all streamed out live from the festival last week, but we’ve combined them all here in case you’ve missed them. Enjoy!

Boris & Patrick with Ben Parr (Founder & CEO / Octane AI)

Boris & Patrick with Natalie Monbiot (SVP Futures / Samsung)

Alejandro with Christopher Vollmer (Global Advisory Lead / PwC)

Boris & Patrick with Brian Wong (Founder & CEO / KIIP)

Alejandro with Heather Knight (Robotics Professor)

Boris & Patrick with Hans Brouwer (Founder / MassiveMusic)

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