The Bitcoin of weed is sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea for world peace

The Bitcoin of weed is sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea for world peace
Credit: David Lacasse

File this under ‘I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.’ Dennis Rodman is being dispatched on a mission for world-peace. Potcoin, a digital crypto-currency aimed at securing marijuana transactions, released a video today featuring Dennis Rodman and Prince Marketing Group Agent Vo Volo discussing the event.

Volo points out, in the video, that Dennis Rodman is in a position to broker peace between the USA and North Korea due to his unique friendships with both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un. Viewers are asked to wish Rodman luck on his mission to bring peace and dialogue to both nations. Rodman, for his part, said “Hopefully the door can be a little more open.”

There’s no explanation anywhere in the video or on Potcoin’s site concerning exactly what he will be doing – other than continuing the world’s weirdest bromance with ‘Supreme Leader.’

The good news is that conspiracy theorists can point to the entirely unrelated recent release of American Otto Warmbier from a North Korean prison for inspiration.

I’m not sure why Dennis Rodman is a good choice for the mission; I’m not sure why there even needs to be a mission, or what that mission actually is. I’m certain that Potcoin is going to enjoy the reported 60% increase in crypto-currency value since the announcement though.

This is definitely the most far-out PR move I’ve ever seen by a crypto-currency company.

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