This site helps you donate money to charities every time Donald Trump tweets

This site helps you donate money to charities every time Donald Trump tweets

Donald Trump’s Twitter feed isn’t good for much, except perhaps as a psychological case study of what happens when you mix hubris, insanity, and unfathomable power, and drip-feed it to the world 140 characters at a time.

One person trying to make the most of this undrained swamp is Allyson Kapin, co-founder of Rad Campaign, a social change web agency. Her latest project, WeCanResist.It, lets you turn The Donald’s tweets into donations for non-profits and charities opposing the actions of the Cheeto Benito.

When you sign up, you can choose the charities you wish to support, and how much you wish to donate per tweet. You can also set up a monthly maximum, which is probably a good idea, because Donald Trump likes to tweet – a lot.

Then, whenever Trump posts something insane — like “The Fake Media is working overtime today!” — WeCanResist.It will add your donation to a ‘tab.’ At the end of the month, it will sting your credit card and pass the money to the specified charity or group.

WeCanResist.It doesn’t take a commission, so 100 percent of your money goes to a good cause, although it does charge card processing fees.

The charities and organizations available include, Black Lives Matter, BYP100, Clean Water Action, Crisis Text Line, Hollaback, National Center for Transgender Equality, National Immigration Law Center, National Organization for Women, URGE, and Voto Latino.

Speaking to TNW, Allyson Kapin explained the inspiration between WeCanResist.It:

Millions of people showed up to the marches and left asking “what’s next?” People are looking to channel their anger and frustration into an impactful response. WeCanResist.It is the answer. It’s one of the most effective ways you can stand against Trumpism and fund the nonprofits that are doing on-the-ground work with the communities impacted the most. There’s so much at stake. The time for people to act and put their money where their mouth is, is now, even if you donate $5 a month to support a charity. There’s collective power in small dollar and sustained donations to fight Trumpism.

There’s a certain irony in using Donald Trump’s favorite medium, Twitter, to undermine his agenda. This isn’t lost on Kapin, who in a statement said:

“We’re using Twitter, the very medium that Trump loves best and that he says was key in helping him win the election. Trump has used Twitter to launch attacks on Muslims, reproductive healthcare, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and environmental policies.”

The site says that in future, you’ll be able to choose other controversial public figures as your target of altruistic defiance.

Fighting for change with your wallet isn’t new. Boycotts and donations have long been an effective tool used by activists. WeCanResist. It takes this to a new, smarter level, and is emblematic of a new, tech-savvy generation of activism.

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