Amazon might be working on single sign-on support for Fire TV

Amazon might be working on single sign-on support for Fire TV

If you enjoy watching streaming services from your TV provider, you’re going to love this: Amazon is likely considering introducing single sign-on (SSO) to its Fire TV service.

SSO is pretty sweet. Essentially, it allows you to store credentials for these premium content services (like those offered by Dish, DirectTV, and Sling TV), and access them across compatible devices without having to type in your password again.

Apple introduced it last year. And now it’s Amazon’s turn – maybe.

Per AFTVNews, the latest software update for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick includes OTTSSO libraries. This is a portmanteau of “over-the-top” (a term used to describe streaming service)” and “single sign-on.”

This feature isn’t available to use right now, and it’s quite possible that Amazon is just spitballing, and has no desire to actually implement SSO.

But if it did, it would make Amazon’s affordable streaming devices a more compelling proposition, especially in light of the enticing Apple TV, launched last year.

Via TechCrunch

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