Amazon’s new dashboard gives parents eyes on their kids’ browsers

Amazon’s new dashboard gives parents eyes on their kids’ browsers

Amazon is adding a special dashboard for parents of tech-savvy kids to help them track their kids’ activity on Amazon devices.

The dashboard and other features are an update to Amazon FreeTime, a parental control feature Amazon has had for years. With this, parents will get daily reports about their kids web activity. Parents, you’d be able to see what your kid plays, reads, and looks at in little percentage wheels.

Amazon is also giving parents Discussion Cards, a teaching tool which will teach parents what their kids are looking at. The Cards also help the parents to engage with the kids over their internet activities. This update looks poised to help parents create new teachable moments based on internet preferences.

The new dashboard is meant to be used in conjunction with the Amazon Fire Kids tablet, a locked variation on Amazon’s Android device. Kids who use the special Fire tablet can’t access more than a handful of whitelisted websites and e-books.

Amazon is launching a new dashboard that lets you monitor the content your kid consumes on The Verge

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