A pre-Trump version of the EPA website exists — you know, just in case

A pre-Trump version of the EPA website exists — you know, just in case
Credit: EPA Snapshot

In January, the Trump Administration ordered the EPA to take down its climate change page. At the time, Reuters reported staffers were “scrambling to save some of the information housed on the website.”

It’s not clear if the EPA has removed anything, but now there is a record of the original site, just in case.

When a federal agency receives three or more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, it is legally required to release the requested document. In this case, the “document” is the EPA’s website on the day before President Trump entered office.

A red header at the top of the snapshot says:

This website is historical material reflecting the EPA website as it existed on January 19, 2017. This website is no longer updated and links to external websites and some internal pages may not work.

Clicking on the header leads to a page detailing what is and isn’t on the snapshot. The EPA can’t save databases because they’re constantly updated. It has, however, saved all of its static pages on environmental topics and laws, as well as PDF reports.

On the same page, the EPA provides links to large collections of content not saved in the snapshot. These include Searchable News Releases and AirNow’s Air Quality images.

The EPA Just Posted a Mirror Website of the One Trump Plans to Censor on Gizmodo

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