PSA: The PlayStation 4 will get external HDD support with firmware 4.50

PSA: The PlayStation 4 will get external HDD support with firmware 4.50

Today, Sony will drop version 4.50 of the PlayStation 4’s firmware (codenamed Sasuke) to a small group of chosen testers.

The update (as you’d guess given the ’roundness’ of the number) is a pretty large one, and includes a number of long-awaited features, such as support for custom backgrounds, a refreshed quick menu, the ability to post updates to your PSN feed, and 3D BluRay support for PlayStation VR. It also introduces support for external hard drives.

Now, your large game collection won’t necessarily have to clash with your unsuitably diminutive hard drive, as going forward you’ll be able to plug in a USB 3 external hard drive. The PlayStation 4 treats this as the same as the console’s internal hard drive. And if, for the sake of organization, you want to copy all your games and content over to the larger external storage, you can.

The PlayStation 4 supports external storage mediums of up to 8TB in size. If you wanted to max out, you can grab one of these truly-gargantuan hard drives for just $228 on Amazon.

If you’ve been chosen to be one of the testers of Version 4.50 Sasuke, you’ll receive an email with details on how to download it. Everyone else should pay attention to the PlayStation Blog, where its general release will be announced soon.

PS4 system software 4.50 beta starts today on PlayStation Blog

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