T-Mobile’s next Uncarrier move rewards customers with free shares of the company

T-Mobile’s next Uncarrier move rewards customers with free shares of the company

T-Mobile CEO John Legere today unveiled a new program from the company’s Uncarrier 11 event: Giving customers a part of its company for referring customers to T-Mobile.

Called Stock Up, current customers (and those who switch) may be eligible for a free share of the T-Mobile stock. If current customers refer friends to T-Mobile, they can earn up to 100 shares of stocks a year. It’s an interesting way to incentivize customers into helping the company grow with more than just some free data or monthly bill savings.


Only the primary account holder will be able to receive the stock, so if you’re on a family plan with a friend, you’ll have to sort that out on your own. Customers who have been with T-Mobile for five or more years can receive two full stocks.

The company is partnering with LOYAL3 to help customers manage their stock, which they can get and sell for free as long as they’re an active customer. You can begin claiming your share starting tomorrow.

Legere said this year’s Uncarrier event aims to thank its customers, and the company came loaded with giveaways. It’s also just launched T-Mobile Tuesday, a new app that will dole out freebies like movie tickets, pizza parties, a trip to Las Vegas, and Lyft rides to customers who are fast enough to claim them weekly.

Lastly, T-Mobile customers can now receive a full hour of inflight Wi-Fi via Gogo on any flight that offers the service.

For more info on how to claim your shares, see details here. And if you don’t know much about how to deal with stocks, now is as good a time as any to learn.

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